Monday, January 15, 2007

Two more things …

I've been meaning to offer one more piece of knitting advice to Denise. So, Denise, watch how you knit. Do you push the needle all the way through, so that the stitch is completely over the shaft of the needle? Or are you knitting with the needle tips only? If so, be sure to use the fat part of the needle to make your stitches. Other than that, I've nothing else to offer! You're right – one shouldn't have to fuss and fume over knitting. It's a very relaxing pastime, once you get into the groove.

And I really should read others' blogs before I post, because Shauna's having a blog birthday! Go wish her well, and thank her for all the encouragement and inspiration she's offered for the past six years. I found her sometime during this past year, and am so happy I did!

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denise said...

Thanks for the advice.

I have been chatting with my friend who is also learning to knit (in fact this whole thing was her idea), and we have agreed that one of the hardest balances to strike is getting the stitches positioned on the end of the needle such that they don't either fall off or cause problems when trying to move them off because they're too far back on the needle.

So in answer to your question, so far I have tried both pushing the loop back beyond the narrowed tip - but not TOO far - and also just knitting off the very tips of the needle.

I see what you mean with your advice and I'll try to concentrate on making sure I get the loops back on the full roundness of the needle to keep the loops bigger. Makes sense.

I will say that it's getting a LITTLE easier. I got frustrated this weekend with the pain in my left index finger from pushing the needle back through by the pointed end and concentrated on pulling the needle back without involving the index finger in that way. Making that change seemed to ease things a bit as well.

Still a work in process - but making progress, which is encouraging. One day I hope to find it the relaxing activity that you describe!

Meanwhile, all the best at training for the half-marathon. You're my hero(ine)!