Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I guess they didn't see it coming

D'ya s'pose the Buckeyes bought into all the pre-game hype that they were so awesome and wonderful and talented, and then they just let their guard down? I know I bought into it, and was simply stunned at how poorly they played and how soundly they were defeated.

So college football is over for another year, and West Virginia's prospects look good for the coming season. The NFL is winding down, with playoffs in full swing this weekend. I like the Colts, and they're certainly due, but – as Ohio State clearly demonstrated last night – any team can have a bad game at any time.

Still … I got to watch lots of muscle-bound guys wearing tight pants for nearly four hours. I'm just sayin'.

And I got a lot of knitting done on the baby sweater. All that's left to do is one wee sleeve and the neck treatment, which is nearly finished as I type.

Speaking of yarn, I pulled a lot of it out of the yarn closet yesterday, after I vacuumed the confetti. I shuffled things around, made some room on the already stuffed-to-the-gills shelves and just shoved it all back in there. I've culled most of the acrylic already – only found two small batches suitable for the prison – and am just not ready to sell or swap what's left. Yet.

The problem is there's Just. Too. Much. The yarn closet is only part of it. Yarn has taken over a large corner of the guest room, a couple of wicker hampers/baskets in the living room, a couple of shelves of a linen closet and a large portion of the lower area of the garage. [The yarn closet is in the second-floor office/family room in the garage.] So I'm thinking maybe I don't have a yarn problem. It's more of a hoarding problem. It's not like there will never be yarn again, should I need it in the future. Which is unlikely, considering the amount of yarn I have and that I'm getting older, not younger. That damned age thing.

I'm going to try again today.

Yoga went well yesterday, as did the weight training, as did food. And I lost a pound this week.

Every time I do a yoga DVD I realize how much I like it. Practicing the poses allows me to see what parts of my body don't work very well, but also what parts do. I can usually coax myself to stretch farther, stand straighter, breathe more deeply, the result of which is I really want to take better care of myself. That little bit of yoga helped me eat better all day. Of course a football game isn't much fun without snacks, but I'd prepared a fresh vegetable tray and enjoyed having something to munch on without feeling overfull.

All in all, a very good day.

Well, except for the final score.


denise said...

Sorry that your team didn't win. I'm no big Buckeyes fan (other than the candy of course), having attended PSU, but I just DEE-SPYS-ZZZ the Florida Gators. Just can't stand their attitude...

Maybe next year...

Vickie said...


If you haven't see it before - You'll LOVE this one!

NicoleW said...

Sorry 'bout the Buckeyes, Debbi. :( But good going on the losing a pound and on doing the yoga. I'm always pleased by how much better I feel after I've done yoga; now I just need to stick to doing it more often.