Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday, in the Garage

Instead of "Saturday, in the Park," doncha know. Apologies if I inadvertently plant a Chicago earworm in your pretty little head for the rest of the day.

It's too cold to work out outside today. It also was too cold yesterday. It will be too cold tomorrow.

Guess what? It's cold here in the Middle of Nowhere. My workouts are happening, just with a little less pleasure than if I were outside.

Yesterday was a rest day. Some of the training programs suggest "active rest," meaning you can cross-train. And since I'm trying to shed weight and train for a long-distance run, I don't mind cross-training on a rest day. [Also? I'm juggling three different training regimens at this point. The Runner's World Smart Coach plan looks too hard. {This tool, by the way, is pretty awesome.} The one from Marathoning for Mortals looks too easy [warning: no training plan on the site; it's an ad for the book, but it's a great book!]. The plan I've been using, from Hal Higdon, looks just right, except it's only 12 weeks, so I've been doubling up on the first few sessions. But the jury's still out.]

Jonathan, I've also heard and read not to expect to lose much – if any – weight during training. I'm all about being optimistic and persistent, though. I'll be the one you all point to when you talk about people who keep eating well and exercising even when they experience no weight loss. Or maybe when you talk about crazy people.

For my cross-training, I chose to row but forgot my Shuffle. I would have had to go all the way back to the house to get it. [Whine, whine.] Or I could just flip through the channels and find a good movie. Like The Natural. I tuned in during Roy's first batting practice with the team, switched to the treadmill when he started dating that tramp, Memo, and stopped when the lovely Iris gives him the first hint that he has a son. Fifty minutes, altogether. Not bad for a rest day!

Denise [who is, apparently, blogless], I watched that CBS exercise-brain report and the first thing I thought of is if exercise increases brain volume, maybe that's why I keep gaining instead of losing, in spite of the miles I've been racking up the past year.


Also, I'm not so sure exercise really does boost brain power because I've been meaning to address your knot-in-the-ball crisis the last couple days and keep forgetting to do so. If your fiber is wool, you can spit-splice it. If it's something other than wool, you can either use a Russian join or simply knit both strands together for a couple of stitches and then weave the ends in after you've finished knitting and blocking the piece. All these techniques – and more! – are illustrated at the very helpful

I'm using the third option on my secret knitting project, which has about one skein of yarn left to consume. [I also started a little woven cable headband – in pink! – to wear for outdoor roadwork if it gets even a teensy bit warmer. Of course, by the time it's finished it'll be spring and I won't need it.]

Also, I have another workout booster, one which has convinced both my children that I'm right on the edge of loony. I may never get to see the grandchildren again. I bought – are you ready? – the two-disk special edition of the first
Rocky movie, as well as the five-disk set of the first five Rocky movies. [Yes, that means I have two copies of the first one. So, sue me.] The only ones in the series I've seen are the first and the current, in-theatre ones. So I have lots of treadmill and rowing machine entertainment lined up for the remainder of winter.

'Cause I think the weatherman is predicting cold.

Ninety-eight days until race day.


denise said...

Debbi, you are right, I am blogless. I spend enough time reading (and commenting :-) in other people's blogs - don't know where I'd find time to do one of my own!

Thank you SO much for the great knitting help link. It illustrated the join options perfectly. I am using cotton to make a dish cloth, so felting is not an option, but I really like the idea of the Russian join. I don't want to leave "tails" sticking out because there is no hidden side to a dish cloth like there would potentially be in a garment. And, I want to make sure it's a strong join so it doesn't come out when tossed in the washing machine!

I suspect the a project like a washcloth is not really meant to have a join, but it is what it is. It may be a combination of the fact that I think we have made it too wide and the issue with the tight knitting.

One other thing that became apparent from the clips is that I may need to rethink how I'm holding my yarn as I knit. I'm going to study it more and look at other areas of the site. Perhaps the key to making knitting easier and more comfortable will be found there.

Thanks again.

jen said...

It's cold here too, but today at least it was sunny. I did a run outside wearing two jackets, a long-sleeved top, thick tights and wind pants. AND a scarf and hat and gloves. It took me until the last 10 minutes to feel warm, even with all of that. I did enjoy the sunshine, though.

Vickie said...

The above is a kitchen scale that I was looking at (Target) today - I can't remember what kind you bought - are you still using it? what features does yours have that are important to you. What do you think of the features on this one? I want one that is good that will work - not too concerned about price.

thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

Vickie said...

is there such a thing as one that tracks your whole food day and then gives all the break downs?