Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two words

Half. Marathon.

Yes, kiddies, I did it. Yesterday I registered for the Country Music Half-Marathon. I have 115 days to train.

I routinely run/walk 5K distances and, before I hurt my heel, was doing 10K distances two or three times a week. The half will be a challenge, but I don't think I'll kill myself either training or running it. And if I do? What a way to go! Gasping for air, clutching my chest and being trampled by 18,000 runners as I crumple to the pavement.

Just to be safe, though, Mr. Shrinking Knitter asked me to call my doctor to see if I should get a stress test or an EKG or whatever fancy assessment tool they've developed these days to get more money see if one is fit enough to exercise. The nurse will get back to me if I need to schedule something. So far I haven't heard from her.

So who's going to join me? C'mon ... you know you want to!

I hope you're sitting down for this next bit of news, and I can only assume you are since most people don't read blogs while they're on the treadmill. Although I think it can be done. At any rate:
I lifted weights yesterday.

On the weight bench. Barbells and dumbbells and leg lifts, oh my! Two sets of 10 of half a dozen moves, plus forty-five freaking crunches!

Look out, Rocky.

Okay, I'm a little full of myself this morning, aren't I? Heh.

When I let the dogs out this morning, I was inspired to grab the camera to try to capture the image of the moon shining above the trees in our front yard. This is not at all what I saw. But it's pretty cool, and it qualifies as a photo, so I can say that my own personal Project 364 is underway. Pop-up Paws yesterday, moonset today.

Yes, it was early.

It's rather amazing what a mental boost it gave me to actually fill out that registration form and submit my electronic cashmoneybucks. Up until yesterday I'd been waffling – do I or don't I want to make that commitment? When I woke up, I just knew it was what I wanted.

One of you commented quite some time ago that there's a huge difference between a half and a full marathon. Thirteen miles, give or take a tenth or two. At that time, I shared your reassurance with Mr. Shrinking Knitter, who tends to be a little lot less impulsive than I am. [That's why we make such a good couple. He puts the brakes on while I hit the accelerator, and we get where we're going safely.] So now he's going around telling everyone he knows that I'm training for a half-marathon.



Kristi said...

The moon was so cool. My daughter too took a picture because of the beautiful ring around it. She too, was dissapointed in how it turned out. Way to go on making the decision and getting started. Nice to have hubby proud as well heh!

mehitabel said...

Yay for you! That's the kind of goal that will help you to keep training and working towards it, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when it's actually done. My daughter has done 3 marathons--she does a run/walk and her average time is in the neighborhood of 8 hours--she's gearing up for another one. I should join her and walk some of the course with her--not that my knees could handle that many miles!
Oh, and the Family Biggest Loser campaign is on!

PICAdrienne said...

Self confidence and a healthy dose of self esteem can be taken as being full of oneself. Go for it!

I took my first pictures of the year last night. Nothing as awe inspiring as your moon shot, but a picture nonetheless.

I am not going to be joining you for the half marathon, but am going to walk 100 miles by April 1.

Debbi said...

Great goal, Adrienne! Be sure to let us know when you make it – and I bet it happens before April 1.

Mehitabel, are you chronicling your family Biggest Loser competition anywhere?

Krist, I'm so glad you're here. Your frequent comments make my day!

LME said...

I love that photo. Beautiful.

And woohoo for going after that half marathon. I have no doubt you'll get there!

denise said...

Great pic - and congrats on the commitment to the half marathon! I have been contemplating trying to commit to something like that - only much smaller - but, like mehitabel, I'm concerned about my knees (not to mention my ability to keep a commitment of this nature).

One interesting piece of good news in my life - I'm going to learn to knit! The bad news? Unless I get a grip on myself soon, I could play counterpoint to your shrinking knitter and become the expanding knitter - but I'm trying to turn it around in 2007 so I can take the role of SK2 instead!

A friend called and said a friend of hers is a great knitter and was willing to take on a group and teach us to knit. I doubt she understands exactly what she's taken on, but it should be interesting. I was taught to knit once before (about 35 years ago), but never got the hang of it and switched to crochet (which is much easier to rip out and start over - and knowing that that's my criteria for a preferred craft tells you exactly where my skills are). Gave up crocheting too back in the 70s so it should be interesting to give it a try again and with any luck, maybe it will keep my hands too occupied for evening snacking.

Again, congratulations (and good luck) on your new challenge, on all of the great progress you made in 2006, and on being such a great inspirational role model for all of us!

denise said...

BTW, was so glad to see your reference to Pork and Sauerkraut - that's been the traditional good luck meal for my family for as long as I can remember - which is a long time - and now that I live in The South, everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I mention it.

Of course, I had a few black-eyed peas with my P&S - just to be on the safe side!

barbra said...

I noticed the moom this am... I didn't get out in time to see Mars... but did see Jupiter... I bet up there on the mountain you can see them... SE sky... but Mars was too low by the time I got outside. I'm into the picture thing too... on photoblog.. haven't put in any pics... but have taken them. I think committing to an event is very smart... and I like the 100 mile goal of picadrienne... good idea... pressure is on for me to set a goal... and also... I have a shinning sink thanks to flylady....

Greta said...

GREAT GOAL!! I loved reading about "your" half-marathon. Sounds like wonderful fun with all the bands. I will see how my schedule goes. Maybe I will fly in and join you there. Otherwise I was checking out 1/2 marathons in the SF Bay area and found a terrific FULL marathon on the Pacific Coast highway south of Monterey. OHHHHHHHH!! wouldn't THAT be spectacular. Only problem is that the shorter distance is already sold out and I am pretty sure a full marathon is beyond my abilities even if I train. It did a full one over 20 years ago and it was hard on me then.

Anne M. said...

Wonderful goal for you, Debbi! It's doable and yet not so immediate that it's threatening. You have time to prepare and know how to do that. I look forward to seeing pics of you crossing the finish line!

But first you had to register and you didn't just say you were going to and blather about it for months, you went ahead and did it. You go, girl!

Connie said...

Wow - that's great that you're going to do a half marathon. You know that I, and all your other friends out here in the blogosphere, will be cheering you on. You continue to motivate us - thanks!