Thursday, January 25, 2007

The home stretch

I'll be binding off the last million stitches or so of the secret project today, and will pick up the already-started woven cabled headband next. I also want another pair of wool socks made with plain old DK-weight wool – not the superwash wool/nylon blend which is normally sold as sock yarn. I found some unlabeled blue jean-blue wool in the yarn closet which I'll swatch today, and I'll be using my very own toe-up pattern.

Now that winter is fully entrenched here in the Middle of Nowhere, I find cushy wool socks to be most comforting. It's more than just a warmth issue. The dark grey pair I made late last year are my current favorites, and they are the plainest socks you've ever seen. I mean, seriously – straight stockinette, plain grey yarn – what could be more boring? But if such a simple thing makes me happy, then what could be more perfect?

Maybe my inner Amish is trying to break free.

My run yesterday was great, particularly when compared to Tuesday's. The schedule was for another two-mile 'easy' run; I extended my warm-up and cool-down sessions to three-quarters of a mile each and truly enjoyed every one of the 51 minutes I was on the treadmill.

Who said that? Heh.

Today is a rest or cross-training day. Since I'm still – and, frankly, always
will be – working out to either reduce or maintain my weight, I'll be doing some strength training, some rowing and some yoga. It sounds ambitious, but it's really quite doable. The yoga will definitely be last – I don't want to feel too relaxed to do the more vigorous calorie-burning work!

The satellite service I switched to offers FitTV, and I was surprised to find Gilad is still working out on the beach! I had regular video dates with him 15 years ago. I recorded a half-hour program just for old times' sake.

We're supposed to get one to three inches of snow today … just enough to make you think you could drive, if you had to, but not enough to make you feel snowbound. I guess I'll get a shoveling workout in later so Mr. Shrinking Knitter can get back up the driveway.

Ninety-three days until race day.


Vickie said...

two more guesses:

cozy for the treadmill so it is warmed up for your run.

A body version of the weird slipper thing so you can step into it and just your fingers and eyes are exposed to the cold for typing on your keyboard.

pastaqueen said...

Heh, my college roommate used to do Gilad's ab workout several times a week while I was working on my freshman 50.