Sunday, January 28, 2007

There's a big difference …

between running seven miles on a treadmill and running seven miles outside. Actually there are several differences.

Outside is:
  • colder
  • prettier
  • less safe
  • more rewarding
Inside is:
  • boring
  • boring
  • boring
  • boring
So there you have it: The Shrinking Knitter's assessment of indoor vs. outdoor long training runs.

To be fair, last week I watched a movie [not one of the Rocky ones, it was that Winn-Dixie movie about the magic dog], so I wasn't completely, utterly bored. But still. I'd rather be outside any time I have a choice, as you've heard me say [or read me write – heh] before.

I'm awfully sore today, all over. My arms hurt, my back aches, my legs are killing me. It's a good thing I sit on a Swiss ball in front of the computer, because I'm sure my ass would hurt if I were sitting on a regular chair. Running on a treadmill does not result in this many aches and pains.

No injuries, and I expected to be sore, but not quite like this.

The schedule was for a seven-mile run at a 14:01 pace. I figured it would take slightly less than two hours, tacking on 15 minutes of walking for each half-mile warm-up and cool-down. I wasn't trying to go fast or slow, and I don't wear a watch, so I had no idea what kind of pace I was on.

I did the entire eight miles, running seven of them without stopping, in 1:45. Not too bad for a middle-aged fat lady!

It was chilly when I started out. I wore tights and a long-sleeved tee, topped with a plastic fleece half-zip, my wool flip-top mittens and the pink headband, which is a wool/mohair blend. The headband was the first to go, followed quickly by the mittens. Good thing the jacket has big pockets! I stripped it off and tied it around my waist at the halfway point. It was cumbersome and uncomfortable, so I'll have to figure out something else if I take it outside again next Saturday.

I feel great about actually doing those seven miles straight at a better-than-13-minute pace. And I think my muscles will feel great tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday. Heh.

Ninety days until race day.


jeannie crockett said...

Bravo. WOW. What can I say? Perhaps you should go for the full marathon?
I overdid at the gym yesterday on the treadmill and my knee was hurting last night---so today is a rest day. And of course, I'm ready to give up completely and just be old and fat. You help with the inspiration.
I don't live in the middle of nowhere---but wish I did!---so I'm a chicken about running outside.
I'm just a mess.
Debbie: are you still sugar free?

M@rla said...

The shirts:

Jack Sprat said...


After surmounting several long and steep hills this morning, I was running through Golden Gate park when suddenly the sun's rays shot through the mist to illuminate a flowering bed of mountain laurel. It sent a chill through me, and reminded me what a lucky sonofagun I am to live in this fantastic city and be able to experience it on foot.

Yeah, my gym has the lastest treadmills with the most sophisticated controls and the largest and brightest flat screens you can imagine. But I can't run more than 10 minutes on one of those things.

This morning I ran outside for an hour and a half.


katherine said...

I have an acquaintance who trains folks wanting to run marathons, and he's known for saying, "You don't run a marathon on the treadmill." And he's right, as you've found -- there are differences in running outdoors and indoors.

Good on you for getting out to do it -- I can barely even get motivated to go out for a walk in the winter!

You're dedication is inspiring.

Jennette said...

The thing I like about running outside is that once I've run so far in one direction I HAVE to run back again. Or build a makeshift shelter with leaves and sticks, but the running back sounds batter.

Margie said...

I listened to a motivational speaker once on fitness, and he said you burn more fat running, walking or biking outside than you do on machines because of factors such as balance. And the fact that treadmills are so boring you can't wait to get off.