Thursday, November 23, 2006

We gather together

A bit of a mish-mash of thoughts today, kind of like our plates will be later on!
• • •
My blogless friend N and I have made a deal to get back on track together beginning Monday. She's having more guests for dinner today than I have in my whole family, and even more throughout the weekend, so it's unrealistic to think she can follow the plan to the letter starting tomorrow.

I, on the other hand, don't have the luxury of that excuse, and it will be good for my head, as well as my body, to treat the day after Thanksgiving as simply, um, Friday.
• • •
If you've ever read my profile, you'll note that my musical taste runs to Dylan. And then there's Dylan. Oh, and more Dylan. So I was delighted to read this New York Times opinion piece this morning.
• • •
Speaking of music, I've been downloading some songs from iTunes for a mix I want to give someone for Christmas. Have I mentioned here, ever, how very much I don't like dial-up internet access? [There are more, but, really, I know you're not going to click on all those old posts anyway. You get the idea.] I finally had to pause the last two selections just so the Blogger sign-in page would finally load and I could get this post written. It's Thanksgiving, after all, and I have eggs to devil and Waldorf salad to assemble and, oh, maybe even a walk to take before we head out to Mr. Shrinking Knitter's mother's for dinner.

The computer, on the other hand, will be working all afternoon, 'cause I'm leaving it connected to download those songs while we're gone.
• • •
Brian Williams reported last night that college students gain 1.1 pounds over the Thanksgiving break. In addition to the extra calories we all eat anyway on Thanksgiving, students have the "extra baggage of pent-up demand for home cooking and pressure to please the doting relatives who dish it out." That quote is from this story, which gives more details on the research. Research! Who needs to research something like that? Of what great significance is it, in the whole scheme of things? The part of Williams' report that set me off was when he said, "It's not their fault." Nope, I'm sure Mom was shoveling it in while Grandma was holding the kid down.

I couldn't help but think of that HBO documentary Thin, in which one woman writes down the calories for every bite she eats, so she won't go over 200 per day.
• • •
Have a grateful day, okay?

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