Monday, November 06, 2006

What I did on my Halloween vacation

Now that my little getaway is over, I'm slowly getting back to a normal routine. I'm still waking up before the crack of dawn – I have more trouble adjusting to the fall time change than I do the spring one. But I really miss the busy-ness and activity associated with a couple of elementary school-aged children.

I uploaded photos my daughter took while I was at her house. It wasn't all fun and games. There was some serious pumpkin killing going on a couple days before Halloween, which you can see here.

I'm not the sweet little old lady you all thought I was, now, am I? Heh.

[I tried and tried and tried to embed the video into the blog post, with no success. I could see it just fine on my computer, but kept getting a publishing error. I hope you clicked on the link, but don't blame you if you didn't!]

My son-in-law finished the NYC Marathon in a little more than four hours with a serious cramp in one leg for the last half of the run. I'm so proud of him! I think that's his third marathon, and the last one was less than a month ago. He's a machine! And a great inspiration. My heel still feels bruised when I press on it, so I'm not ready yet, but I think the treadmill and I will be getting back together again in another couple of weeks.

I rowed while I watched the first part of the broadcast, working up a good sweat. I doubt that rowing qualifies as a serious cardiovascular workout, but it will have to do for now.

Food has been good; no issues there. Mr. Shrinking Knitter is more than happy to eat healthful meals, as long as I make three servings for him and one for me. This goes for everything: oatmeal, pasta, chili, dessert. Especially dessert.

Today will be another DVD workout day, but I haven't decided which one yet. I should take an inventory; I bought quite a few last winter after I got bored doing the same two or three over and over again. Figuring out what I have should kill some time and provide some inspiration. I should be at least minorly curious about the benefits of some of these workouts, shouldn't I?

Film at eleven.


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Anonymous said...

Actually, I bet rowing is a pretty serious cardio workout. Arm motions make your heart beat faster -- remember all those arm moves done in the Jane Fonda videos? They will warm you up if you are ever stuck in the cold for too long, too.
I do 50 pushups (or more, but I do them in sets) and boy do they make my heart beat fast!