Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Born to run

Continuing with our musical theme this week, I have to crow about my morning walks, which have turned into half-walks and half-runs. Or jogs, actually. I can't finish four miles of hills in less than an hour without picking up the pace, and I've been able to do that both Monday and Tuesday this week. Yeah, me!
There's just something about running that makes me feel strong and light and athletic. When I walk I feel like a frumpy old housewife trying to lose weight.

Which would you choose?

After I submitted my "Tunes for a Shrink" iMix, I – like Lori – discovered that a keyword search would turn up lots of possibilities. I tried the words "hair" and "hairdresser," because I think it would be fun to give a custom mix to the fabulous woman who cuts my hair every five weeks, but mostly that search turned up '80s music – nothing with a hair theme. So I searched the iTunes store for hair and came up with some good possibilities, but finally came to my senses and realized that hairdressers like money more than they like music. Maybe I'll do both, if I have time.

Lori wondered in the comments yesterday if Blueprint was like an upscale Better Homes & Gardens. I think they're trying to compete with Real Simple, and I actually like it better than RS simply because I can read it in bed! RS is bigger in both page size and number of pages, and it's just too hefty to leaf through for 10 minutes before I fall asleep. I have to sit in a chair to read Real Simple, and y'all know what I do when I sit in a chair. [Hint: It rhymes with hint. Sort of.]

Actually my bedtime reading is still Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but you know what I mean.

Most of the rest of my day was spent designing the cover art for Mr. Shrinking Knitter's double-disc set.
I had great fun with that, and just hope my choice of a couch isn't too trite an image. Psychiatrists don't even use couches any more. Patients don't need couches when all they're doing is getting a prescription. [My husband, by the way, prefers fewer prescriptions and more conversation, but that's not the way insurance pays these days. Harumph. That's another issue, not within the scope of this blog, but if you're interested in a better/different alternative, be sure to click the PNHP link over there in the sidebar.]

Ooopsie. Back to our regular programming.

Welcome back, Greta! Greta's been unable to leave comments here since I switched to betaBlogger, but all seems to be back to normal now. I'm sure you've heard of the Clash at a reception or two, and probably also heard of Big Audio Dynamite, kind of a Clash reincarnation. Love that sound; "The Globe" has a good warm-up, marching tempo. [My daughter's brother-in-law was quite young when "The Globe" was popular. He called it the "Whoo" song.]

I was going to whine a little bit about how long it takes to download music and how slow the internets are when I'm downloading, but you've heard it here before.

Wish me luck with the water situation. Luck would be that they quickly find the problem, definitively repair it and we don't have to mortgage the property to pay for it. That's not asking for too much, is it?


LPW said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read you posting every day (okay, every day that I'm at work) and I always look forward to them.

Keep up the good work--both with your exercise and with your blogging. I just started my own blog, and it's tough to keep up!


Greta said...

Congratulations on getting back to running. I am glad that your heel is holding up.

I like the CD artwork. Looks nice.

I am a walker, not a runner anymore, though I have dreams of one day running again. Running is just too hard on my knees, my hips, my heels. If I ever get thin enough I might run again, though.

Thinking about psychiatrist songs, did you get that one that goes: "I'm crazy...crazy for feelin so lonely.....I'm crazy for cryin and crazy for tryin.. and crazy for lovin (lu uh vin) you."

Mac/beta blogspot oddities: AOL Mac version does not work at all (still). Safari: you can write but not post. Explorer you can write and post. Very strange.

Lori said...

Greta, have you tried installing Firefox on your mac? I have Safari and Firefox because I've noticed that at times, one browser will get stuck for the evening but the other is working. (When I'm done, I just shut everything down and figure it will work the next time I reboot.)

BTW, SK, I did love the artwork; you're quite talented, not just with the knitting, beads, but in so many ways as I'm discovering.