Friday, November 24, 2006

Thank you

But first!'s Word of the Day today?
avoirdupois: weight; heaviness.
Those guys crack me up.

Thank you to those who have commented and e-mailed about my, um, indiscretion with the onions the other day. It's always good to have that affirmation that I'm not unique or special or alone, especially when I'm thinking how awful I am. I am, perhaps, unique in binging on canned fried onions. Whatever.

So how are you feeling this morning? Did you enjoy your day? Did you eat without guilt? Did you walk it off, either pre- or post-meal?

I feel great. If my mother-in-law were a better cook, I might have overindulged, but it's hard to pig out on bland, soggy dressing and store-made pie. I don't think she knows how her oven works; everything on the table was catered by Kroger. I contributed the green bean casserole [which I don't care for anyway], a Waldorf salad [my grandmother's Thanksgiving tradition, which I have continued] and a most amazing and easy cranberry relish.

For the cranberry relish, simply dump a bag of fresh cranberries in a casserole dish and mix in a large jar of sugar-free orange marmalade. Bake in a 350° oven for about 45 minutes. Chill. How easy is that? And it's delish!

At any rate, I should be grateful instead of bitching, right?

I walked in the morning, four miles, and will do so again today. The weather outside's delightful, with a prediction of clear skies, lots of sun and pleasant, 60-degree temperatures for the next several days.

Speaking of the weather, I love how the fog around here sometimes tucks itself in behind a hill, settling close to the ground all around us. Even though we don't live at a terribly high elevation, when I see this fog phenomenon I feel like I live in the clouds. Here's one view, from my front door looking slightly southwest:

There was no Biggest Loser last night, no big surprise there. The contestants probably had fat-free deli turkey slices on a Romaine leaf and called it good. Renee has some great, real-world ideas for how next season's show should go. I doubt the unreal world of lowest-common-denominator television production will buy it, though.

I think RenĂ©e's suggestions are what most weight-loss websites try to do. [I'm thinking of SparkPeople, eDiets, Weight Watchers Online, etc.] It's just harder to get readers jazzed about sensible eating, moderation and regular – but not killer – exercise.

I wouldn't have watched TBL last night anyway. I watched the end of the afternoon football game and the beginning of the premiere Thanksgiving night one, but fell asleep before the second quarter.

I'm such a party girl.


dknitter3 said...

I am new to the blogging world and am visiting you for the first time. I am a new knitter and a lapsed Weight Watcher. Due to a yucky illness, I started my blog and then had to quit. I plan to resume posting next week. You have a great blog and may be just the inspiration that I need. Keep up the good work.

notanaturalrunner said...

Forgive yourself for the onions already! Everyuobdy goes a little berserk over food now and then. Just try to move one. I had an episode last summer. For many years I had been under the impression that I was allergic to dairy, especially cheese and suddenly discovered that I wasn't. I also discovered an excellent source of fresh mozarella. I wondered why it was that I had reached my goal of 100 push ups and yet was gaining weight...

mehitabel said...

There was an interesting article in the LA Times a couple of weeks ago about TBL. Seems the dr. who is their main consultant is also using the program as research to see if the mega-exercise regime helps to keep the weight off. It's an interesting idea.