Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Toga … toga … toga

Oops. That should be 'yoga, yoga, yoga!'

You can call me lazy right now, if you like. Yesterday when I went to the second-floor office of our detached garage and saw that the only exercise DVDs up there were ones I'd already done, I decided it was a cosmic message to do an hour of yoga. So I'll have to post a review of a new-to-me routine later this week. Today is rowing, and thanks to the anonymous commenter yesterday who opined that rowing might actually be considered a cardio workout. I know that after 30 minutes at a vigorous pace I feel like I've really worked out!

I have two yoga DVDs; the one I like best is called "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss." I'll admit to buying it for the title, and will further posit that it doesn't, for me, do a whole lot for weight loss. But I like that I can choose which level [of four] I'd like to do and that it covers a lot of ground. And at my weight, it's truly a weight-bearing exercise.

In case you readers in the United States haven't noticed, it's Election Day. By the end of the day we'll be back to watching
pharmaceutical commercials, instead of negative political ads. [I'm firmly against direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising, and would gladly vote for anyone who promised to stop that practice!] Since no one in my district has taken a position on that issue, I'll just have to take my chances and hope for the best.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I have been quite politically active this year, something new for both of us. We've met with candidates and
political advisers, gone to a political rally and put our [well, his] money where our mouths are. We're supporting someone out of our district – we can't even vote for him. But we like his message and his heart, and we have a lot of hope that those who are able to vote for him will do just that.

Unfortunately, those with a good message and a good heart to match usually end up in education or social work.

At any rate, you know the old saying: If you don't vote, don't bitch.

Yesterday afternoon I dug through my craft stuff and put all the bead and jewelry supplies in one box. I then sat down and made two necklaces and a bracelet. This scan of my new bling also includes the sweet little bracelet my granddaughter made for me, and my first project, which she helped me make. I realize these aren't innovative or unusual in any way, shape or form, but they've already served one purpose: I didn't eat a thing while I was busy making them!

The process is interesting, putzy and time-consuming, moreso than I would have thought.

Much knitting has been going on here in the Middle of Nowhere. I'll try to have at least one project photo tomorrow, and I'm lining up projects to be done for the holidays. A neighbor has asked if I'd be willing to do a sweater for her granddaughter, with a matching one for her Bitty Baby. I'll probably do a Wonderful Wallaby [do a Google search if you're not familiar with it].

I'm also doing a sweater for each of the grandchildren, and will probably make something for my daughter, her husband, my son and his wife and my mother-in-law.

Kidding! I soooo crack myself up.

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Dee said...

I agree about the drug ads - they're not legal here I don't think (Canada) but we do see the US ones and also in magazines. Ever read RX Generation? (Greg Critser?) - an important read. Couldn't see the movie you have here - no idea why. Oh yeh - another comment said about blogs from people who have around 10 lbs. to go - I have more than that and am curious about the same thing - but I do have a weight loss blog. Lots of info & inspiration - come & visit! http://deeshadowblog.blogspot.com/ Congrats on your hard work! Love the necklaces! D