Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've got the music in me

I'm a sucker for those free trial magazine offers. The most recent one I succumbed to is Martha Stewart's new publication called Blueprint.

I really like the magazine, and will definitely send in my check to start the subscription. But I'm not sure I'm exactly in their demographics. Maybe I'm a Blueprint wannabe.

The reason I say this is based on just one little snippet from their "Out & About" section, which is tagged as "knowledge and niceties for a well-lived life." A music list called "If You Like That, Try This" offers three categories for several music genres: You've heard, You might not have heard and You'll probably like.

I recognize more of the "You might not have heards" than either of the other two categories. I was taken aback that in the Rock category, Blueprint thinks their readers might not have heard of the Clash.

I must be older than I think I am.

There's a well-written article for beginning runners, including a playlist of motivating music. If you go to the website, they're continuing to add playlists throughout the fall. I'm downloading the Fun Run list as I type.

I've been downloading lots of music lately – iTunes should give me a discount – for some CD mixes I'm putting together for Christmas gifts. I've been listening to the new music while I walk, but I really should have a little notepad with me because it's hard to remember which ones I really love by the time I get home. When I hit the driveway all I'm thinking about is water and a shower!

[Speaking of which, our well is still acting up, but the repairman promised he'd be here Wednesday. If it doesn't rain.]

Yesterday I plugged into the list I'd compiled for Mr. Shrinking Knitter, who is a psychiatrist. Who knew there were so many songs about mental illness? Who knew someone would actually create a comprehensive list and publish it to Wikipedia? I'm glad they did, though. While Mr. Shrinking Knitter's musical tastes run more to Bach and Haydn, I think he'll like some of the ones I chose and it should make his drive to work a little more entertaining. Who wouldn't be entertained by that old classic, "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!"?

Anyway, listening to this mix got me running again. Four miles on hills in less than an hour. How could I not pick up the pace listening to Pat Benatar's "Anxiety (Get Nervous)" or Barenaked Ladies' "Crazy"? You can view the iMix list here. [iTunes required.]


Lori said...

This is hilarious.

Who knew Porter Waggoner (of all people) did a song called "The Rubber Room"?

I love Blueprint too. I don't think I'm in their demographics either. (Budget Living magazine was probably my demographic if I get a raise.)

That's funny that Blueprint thinks their readers might not have heard of the Clash. Do you think this is a more upscale "Better Homes and Gardens" kind of magazine?

You've reminded me that I need to revamp my shuffle (old version).

FoggyJPinSF said...


Gotta love the internet. Once I turned 45 I realized that no longer am I the target demographic for anyone. Soon enough I'll be relegated to ads from AARP and Senior Living. I guess I'm not expected to like (or even be aware of) Christina Aguilera.

Anyway, I'm with you on the whole jamming-to-the-beat thing. My worst nightmare is my mp3 player conking out while I'm mid-run. Can't wait til I get home and can look up these playlists on iTunes. (I guess there's a reason my employer blocks that site .. heh heh).


Lori said...

I just went to iTunes and you can go to the iMix and type exercise or gym or whatever and it comes up with some interesting playlists and potential ideas for more songs.

Do you have access to a good library or university? I'm fortunate because we have a nice music library (not like a conservatory or anything). Maybe this weekend, I'll do a search on free and legal MP3s for all of us.

(BTW, "This American Life" is available for podcast on iTunes...)

Greta said...

Well, I have not heard of "The Clash" though I probably know their music since I photograph weddings where they play favorites back to the 40's and lots from the current hit list. I am particularly disconnected to current music in my private life because I favor weird eclectic things such as Thomas Jefferson's favorite music or Irish music from the late 1800's in NYC or ragtime.

If this posts it will be the first time I have been able to post since you switched to the beta version of blogspot.