Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nananananananana Batman!

Except for having to go back and shorten the sleeves, the Batman sweater for my almost six-year-old grandson is done.

So I guess that means it's not done, right? What I mean is, all the ends are woven and clipped and it's been laundered, and after a final evaluation I've decided that he probably won't still want to wear it when he's 12, so I need to go back and lop off a couple inches.

I thought the first sleeve looked long when I finished it, but the fiber is 50/50 cotton/wool [my favorite, long-discontinued Brown Sheep Cotton Top], so I hoped for some shrinkage. If there was any, it wasn't enough.

And so … off with those cuffs! Which isn't so bad, really, since I knit the sleeves from the top down. I am literally going to cut the cuffs off, pick out the seam and rip back another inch, then knit a new cuff. Easy-peasy.

How cool is it that I had just the colors I needed – Batman Grey, Batman Black and Batman Yellow – in the yarn closet? That's the beauty of having a stash that competes with some yarn shops.

Yesterday, in response to my remarks about Beth's blog, PQ commented: "I think blogs do have expiration dates, we just don't know when they are." I appreciate that perspective. I was selfishly missing Beth, when clearly a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do. I'm new at this, and I've been known to refer to blogging as my secret weight-loss ingredient. But it may not work the same way for everyone.

I was fired up about working out yesterday, even knowing it would be a rower/treadmill session. [It was cold, windy and raining; I have my limits on outdoor exercise.] Once I got started, though, I could barely keep going. I ended up with a wimpy 15 minutes on the rowing machine and a measly mile on the treadmill. Some days are just like that, though. Your head is ready but the body won't follow through.

Today looks great and my head is still ready. It's supposed to be overcast and in the low 50s – perfect day for a walk outside, I say!

Film at eleven. Or, more likely, tomorrow morning.

Oh, and there's been some talk on television the past couple of days about a Big Game? Something about college football and championship ramifications and such? I don't think the championship game will be hyped as much as today's match-up between OSU and Michigan.

Go, Bucks! [I was born a Buckeye … what can I say?]


notanaturalrunner said...

The Batman sweater rocks out! I want one, although it's really not something for a 45 year old lady - maybe I should make myself something with hearts and flowers?
As for the exercise thing, I have had many a day when I didn't feel like it and just ran one mile. I used to beat myself up - now I just try to do more push ups when I get home. Do I actually need more upperbody strength? No,and I am more muscular than I find attractive but some days running is just no fun. I know a couople of ladies in their fifties who do triathlons, and they don't like to run (!) so I guess everyone has their moments. It's quick and efficient, and eventually it's over. Pat yourself on the back for your persistence and remind yourself what great cardio shape you're in. Keep it up!

Kia LaBracke said...

Okay, Gramma Debbi -- Jack is saying -- "Where's MY Batman sweater?"

Just kidding. But... It. Does. Rock. Great Job!!! Kia