Sunday, November 19, 2006

Getting strong now, won't be long now

Well, it seems there are at least a couple of you who want Batman sweaters for yourselves or your children. Here's the chart, and I know that both of you know how to knit. Go for it!

I know you all probably logged on last night at 11, thinking you'd find out whether I walked outside or not. Heh. I did it! And the best part is there's no pain in my heel. No piercing, no stabbing, not even that residual 'healing bruise' pain I had last week.

That's not to say I'm not a little stiff and sore, though. I walked four miles in 63 minutes outside on hills, and I definitely feel it this morning. I'm 55 years old, for cryin' out loud! Fifty-five and a half, if you want to get technical.

But I mostly feel pretty darned happy about it. Kinda like Sly, makin' his comeback.

[I remember back in '76, when the first Rocky movie was released. I was running back then, too, and was so inspired by his guttiness and determination that I saw it twice. I told Mr. Shrinking Knitter I was definitely going to see the new one, due for a Christmas release.

He just looked sideways at me, like I was nuts. Kinda.]

The day really was perfect – no wind, sun filtered by thin clouds, moderate temperature in the low 50s, just as predicted. I left the house at 11:24, according to the clock on the coffeemaker, and walked for almost a mile. I then said to myself, "Self? How about trying a little jog?" So I jogged for almost another mile, until I got halfway up the second hill. When I got to the two-mile mark, I turned around and jogged most of the way home, arriving in my driveway at 12:27. I was careful to stretch when I got back. I used to never stretch; I've learned my lesson.

To be honest, I felt like a clod, heavy and slow, trying to run after all this time. The last time I remember running outside was sometime in September, although I've taken short walks to the post office and back a couple of times. But I'm sure I'll get over this sluggish feeling and will soon recapture that athletic aura I used to have.

I have my eye on a half-marathon in April.


Dee said...

Yah you go girl!! Awesome! I used to jog too - afraid my knees couldn't handle it now...hmmm...maybe one day?

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