Thursday, November 16, 2006

Always leave 'em wanting more

I was most inspired by last night's The Biggest Loser. The makeovers were fun, all the contestants were amazed at how good they looked, the challenge was creative and even Adrienne's meltdown – after we'd been teased that Kai would be the meltdowner – was entertaining. Marty's post-elimination interview brought tears to my eyes. Seriously! And I'm post-menopausal, so it wasn't hormone-induced. And the videos of him at goal? What a stud!

It's rather a testament to that episode that I actually was awake for the whole 60 minutes. Or 48, if you cut out all the commercials.

The weigh-in, though, left me with One Big Quesion. Or maybe Two.

How, after all this time, when weight loss is supposed to slow down to a nice, steady, two pounds a week [for normal people, not you and me], can someone lose 11 pounds in one week? Or, like last week, 20?

Or, if you're Wiley and your morning workout burned 3500 calories, a big fat ZERO?

Okay, three questions.

Obviously I haven't been eating what they're eating.

Seriously, I've been eating just fine. I haven't been working out at my previous level of intensity, and I can just imagine the pounds I'll be dropping when I do get back to my former routine. Every time I test my heel, even for just a little bit, I have to rest it for a day or two.
You guys are rocking my blog stats. The secret to getting massive blog hits? Have a contest! Wonder what I can give away next week ...
The Roomba is awesome, by the way. I think you should definitely save up for one, PQ and J. [I ordered mine from amazon, at a great price and with free shipping, but now they're 'currently unavailable.'] There are no dust bunnies under my bed, after I turned it loose in the bedroom yesterday. NONE! I thought my dogs might find it amusing, but our old girl Molly just ignores it and the little one, Hershey, is afraid of it. Cats would probably ride around on it. Or demand earplugs, because the noise on the pseudo-wood floor would seriously disturb a good nap.
My attempt at recording Thin failed. There are no adolescents in the neighborhood to help me figure out how to make it work. My best logical thinking says the television has to be on the correct channel and the DVR has to be scheduled and on the correct input. But I'm right-brain dominant, so I could have it all wrong. Time for a manual. Or two.
One more day to enter the bracelet giveaway! Your notes have been so sweet; I wish I had time to make more.


PastaQueen said...

Woah, 20 pounds in a week? Did someone cut off their arm? I know the first week I was on my diet I lost around 11 or 12 pounds, but that was mostly water and I was really fat so I had a lot of water to lose. I know the contestents' jobs on the show are basically to work out, but that's still a lot.

Debra said...

I only have 35#s to lose total.. so I'm losing at the more "rational" 1.5# a week rate. My trainer says it's more about the eating than the exercise. Still I work out.

Bone spurs cause me to adjust my workout. In reality it exercises my trainer. How many different ways can you try to do lunges when the gal (me) a) cannot bend her feet at all and b) has the stability of weebles? (except I do fall down).

Good luck with the plantar fasciitis.

Jonathan said...


I'm not a scientist and I have no medical knowledge. So I can't claim to know anything about weight loss from a physiological standpoint.

It just seems to me IMPOSSIBLE to lose more than a pound or two of FAT in a week. Sure, water, muscle tissue, etc. could add up. But personally I want to hang on to all that other stuff.

Who knows, maybe I've got it all wrong. But you are making me glad I don't have a television ;)