Saturday, November 25, 2006

The day after the day after

The good thing about not being the host for Thanksgiving dinner is that tempting leftovers are minimal. My mother-in-law insisted we bring home some turkey, so I wrapped up enough for a couple of sandwiches [Mr. Shrinking Knitter wanted his on white bread, with mayo and lots of pepper], and brought home what was left of the dishes I'd contributed.

No dressing. No pie.

As of this morning, the only thing left is a dab of that yummy cranberry relish. I mixed some with cottage cheese for lunch yesterday – very tasty!

So yesterday was a good food day, as well as a good exercise day. I've missed just one day of walking since I started back again. On only one of those days did I walk fewer than four miles, and time-wise all have been for more than an hour.

SiteMeter lost a whole week's worth of stats between yesterday morning and this morning. I was thisclose to 15,000 visitors. I'm kind of bummed about it, and hope those numbers are recoverable. I know it shouldn't matter whether anyone visits here or not … this really is just a place for me to be accountable. But I kind of like knowing others are out there cheering and sympathizing and empathizing. I put a new counter up, but the last figure I had was the one from SiteMeter, so I'm a week short on numbers. I guess it really doesn't matter.

If you have a blog, do you pay attention to your site stats?

I'm making good progress on my granddaughter's cardigan. I still have to pay close attention to it, even though I've gone through two repeats of each cable chart. Three more repeats [which is 48 more rows] and I'll be at the correct length to split the fronts from the back at the underarms. I started a sleeve for the other sweater I promised my neighbor for her granddaughter. Very simple stockinette on a short circular needle. I could probably knit this in my sleep, and it's a nice counterpoint to the complexity of the other one.

I like both kinds of knitting – detailed and easy-peasy. While I'm usually a one-project-at-a-time kinda gal, I appreciate the opportunity to take a break from the Aran cardigan to work on the stockinette pullover.

Just a month until Christmas, and the madness of the holidays will be over for another year. I'm putting the tree up today, and also will be purging some of the decorations that we just don't ever put out any more. Maybe while I'm getting rid of stuff, I can also get rid of negative thoughts about this 'festive' season.


Lori said...

I have to watch my addiction to sitemeter. I love seeing what countries and who comes from where. But my stats will be down -- I noticed that one of my posts is very popular and it's because people are going thinking that I know if someone is gay. The post is about what this person said about clothing and what to wear (or what not). I changed it so people would stop coming to my site for that reason. (And I never speculated on it either. Sheesh.)

I know that a lot of my visits are by accident or the "go to the next blog" option on blogger.

I have to say, 15,000 is pretty cool. WOW.

I have enough turkey leftover for another sandwich. I made a nice sandwich this morning on the two rolls I bought last night. That's the only bread around. I gave away my mom's incredible gravy.

I have an avocado waiting for the next sandwich tomorrow. I have to say, these two sandwiches are/were special.

Your cranberry relish sounds really good, btw.

There are moments where Christmas is special. I'm glad to be with friends and family but it's a big disruption and reminders of old times long ago.

PastaQueen said...

I check my SiteMeter regularly, but I also tell myself not to take it too seriously. I am not in high school and I'm not trying to win a popularity contest. My motto is "I am not my SiteMeter." However, I also like it when I see a new site linking to me :) Sucks that they lost your stats though. Traffic is slower during Thanksgiving anyway since people are at the table and not their computers.