Sunday, February 19, 2006

Progress, not perfection

It will take a while to work up to the point where I have the energy to work out two hours a day. After my initial epiphany, and the resulting 150 minutes of activity that day, I have not been able to keep up the pace. The second day was 105 minutes, yesterday was 60, today ... who knows? We have to go to a reception this afternoon. I'll do something this morning, but I don't yet know what. I know what it won't be; it's 3 degrees outside, so you can bet I won't be walking my four-mile loop!

My iTrain downloads are coming up short on time. [When I listen to them on iTunes, they cut off mid-sentence and the next song starts playing.] According to their FAQs that happens sometimes, and I can always go back in and download them again. Four hours per download here in the Land of Dial-Up.

I have about 8 more rows to do on the first sleeve of Optically Delusional. I'm going to put the stitches on a holder while I do the second sleeve. It will be easier to adjust the length than if I go ahead and bind off. Also, I'm going to do an I-cord bind-off, and start seaming from the lower edge up on the sleeves.

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