Monday, February 27, 2006

One more down, mumble-mumble to go

I'm a little disappointed, but trying not to be. I lost one pound this week. I'd really hoped for more, but I'll take anything I can get!

I'm so enthusiastic about this food plan, and the increased activity I've been able to manage. I guess I expect bigger losses because of all the extra effort, while forgetting all the effort I've put into losing weight the last few years with no results. So finding something that works even a little bit better is a Good Thing.

I took my measurements this morning, just the basic bust/waist/hips. [I did a program one time where the nutrition counselor measured in like 20 places – neck, upper arm, wrist, calf, ankle. Looking back on it, I'm sure they did that so they could make the "inches lost" figure seem more impressive. Skeptical? Why, yes, yes I am!]

I'm actually glad I didn't measure when I first started, even though I know there would be a significant reduction in my waist meas
urement, at least. These numbers are woeful! I'm certainly not going to post them anywhere but on my own private little chart, buried deep on my hard drive.

So. Eleven pounds total since the first of the year. I'd rather be 11 pounds lighter than to be the same, or even heavier, which is where I was headed. For the record, my average calorie consumption this week was 1172, or about the same as last week. The only time I had to battle hunger was yesterday.

I found and prepared a diet-friendly recipe for an Asian-flavored chicken soup made in the slow cooker. The aroma of it cooking all day was quite a hunger-trigger, something I hadn't thought about. I'm sure eDiets did, though, because all of their
recipes can be made in less than 15 minutes!

A knitting update: Will get started on the FLAK again in a couple of days, but I was inspired to knit dolls for my cousins's daughter's twin daughters, who are due next month. One is going to be done in variegated primary colors, the other in red and white. I don't know my first cousin once removed very well, and don't know if she's doing the baby-girl-pink thing or not, but these dolls will be bright and entertaining, and I love making them. The pattern is in Vogue Knitting On the Go: Baby Gifts, and is illustrated on the cover. I still want to make myself another pair of felted clogs, as well, and even have the yarn and pattern together and ready to start. Just haven't gotten around to starting. The soles will be a rusty rose color, and the tops will be kind of a light sage. The skeins look good next to each other.

So. It's a
bout time to go work out. My three hours on the computer are almost up. heheheh


Anonymous said...

Let's have a link to that recipe!


Debbi said...

The recipe is from a cookbook called "Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes." Amazon has it: