Friday, February 24, 2006

What happens when?

First, here are photos of the front and back of Optically Delusional. Hasn't been blocked yet, but the buttons are on!

Yesterday was a little cold, and kind of windy, but the sun was shining so I walked outside for a long time. Ended up doing about 5.5 miles (on hills) in 1:45 or so. Add to that the 20 minutes I did on the rowing machine and I exceeded two hours of intentional activity. Yeah, me!

As I was climbing the last, toughest hill, coming back from the post office, this song came up on the Shuffle. Perfect for making that final push to the end.

So. What happens when this pink cloud of energy and motivation turns grey? And I know it will; it always does. I need a plan for when I get discouraged. I know it sounds like I'm planning to get discouraged, and p
lease trust me, I'm not. But it seems like every time I've started this journey before, I reach a point where things aren't working and I'm not losing and my energy lags and it's just not worth all the work and planning and effort any more.

One thing I remind myself daily is that I've given myself a year. I will be living [God willing] for the next year, whether I'm working on losing weight/getting healthier or not, so I might as well keep working on it.

One day at a time ... but all suggestions welcomed!

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