Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Plot outline: A not-so-young housefrau struggles to get fit and healthy on some West Virginia hills. [With apologies to Eminem.]

It was actually 8.2 miles, if you want to get technical. That's how far I walked this morning, having absolutely no intention of doing so when I set out. As I approached my two-mile-marker, where I usually turn around, I decided to keep on going to the 3.3-mile marker [which is a fork in the road]. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away [to continue the cinematic theme here – after all, it's almost Oscar night], I used to run that 6.6 miles without stopping.

[I have to stop right here and right now and say how grateful I am to my children for giving me a Shuffle for my birthday last year. I keep adding new tunes to it, and it definitely helps me stay the course. Although they probably don't want to know what some of those tunes are!]

I got to the driveway and really, really wanted to turn in and call it a done deal. But I just kept going on to the post office, which adds another 1.6 miles to the trek. So, 8.2 miles and a couple of blisters later and I think I'm done working out for the day.

Here I am, modeling the completed Optically Delusional. Sorry for the crappy photo. My daughter's the professional picture-maker in the family, but I doubt anyone could get a flattering picture of a fat lady in a wool coat. [Not saying she couldn't ... but it sure would be a challenge!] Just for the record, the right front in the original pattern is supposed to come down to a point, resulting in an asymmetrical design. I just knew I couldn't pull that off, so I knit it straight. Don't you love that little red pocket lining peeking out?

And just as sure as I said I wasn't going to start working on the FLAK again, well ... I did. I have about a third of one of the dolls done, but I just couldn't resist picking up the aran. I added an inch to both the front and back pieces and then started sleevage. I'm adding both a rope and a baby honeycomb on either side of the center braid, and it looks good so far. I didn't get too much done yesterday, but enough to know that I'm not ripping it out and starting over.

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