Monday, February 20, 2006

Tom Petty, anyone?

You know the line: "the weigh-eigh-ting is the hardest part."

I was determined to stay off the scale this week so I could be pleased and surprised today for my official weekly weigh-in. Guess what?

I'm pleased and suprised! I'm down two more pounds, for a total of 10 after about 7.5 weeks. Keeping score? That averages out to 1.3 pounds per week.

More stats: My average daily calorie count this week was 1177, while my average daily calorie burn was 476. I hope that continuing to step up the activity will at least help me show a slight but steady loss every week. That would be so motivating.

I've had this idea in my head that I shouldn't – or maybe can't – work out like I did when I was previously successful at losing weight. "They" say try to get 30 to 45 minutes of moderate activity daily. If that works for weight loss, then my metabolism must be comparable to that of a black bear in winter.

I guess it comes down to whatever works for me. Clearly the additional calories (thank you to those who suggested it wouldn't kill me to eat a bit more) aren't hurting. And even more clearly, the additional exercise is crucial. Essential. Key.

For me, anyway.

Optically Delusional has a sleeve! And a side seam! And it's looking really good. One sleeve left to go, which means with any luck and a lot of Olympic-watching I should have it done this week.

A note about the Olympics: Every time I turn the television on to watch, there's a commercial. I should have been keeping track all along, but I swear I've never tuned in in the middle of an event, or even an "Up Close and Personal." NBC's ratings are down this year, which gives one hope that the next winter events will be less competition for consumer gold, and more for Olympic gold.

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