Monday, February 06, 2006

Something's working ...

At least this week, anyway.

I know all both my loyal fans are waiting breathlessly for this post, because it's Monday! Official weigh-in at eDiets!

Drumroll, please ... I lost three pounds! That's a total of eight after five full weeks. That may not seem like much to some of you, but it's amazing to me.

I took your advice (you know who you are) and ate more. My average caloric intake each day was 1295. One day was a lot more than that, and two days were a lot less. I walked and/or worked out five days of the seven.

So I'm in a good mood for a change. Too bad that number on the scale is such a dictator of my moods, though. This week I'm going to put the same weight into my food log every day, and only weigh myself next Monday. (I have to record my weight daily in order to get a new day to record my food and exercise. The program I use is here.) It will be hard not to check in with Mr. Scale every morning. But I'm up for the challenge.

Almost finished the left front of Optically Delusional last night watching the Steelers beat the Seahawks. I've decided to do the right front sans point. That piece is straight back-and-forth garter stitch – no increases or decreases to remember in order to make the stripes diagonal – and should go much more quickly than the left. The patterns says to knit the sleeves (more rectangles) separately and sew them on, but I think I'll go ahead and put the shoulders together and pick up stitches at the shoulder line for the sleeves. I know it'll be a lot of fabric to wrestle with, but it just looks neater to me to pick up, rather than sew in.

I fell asleep in the third quarter of the game and went to bed before the game ended. But the score was 21-10 when I went to bed, so I didn't miss much. This was the first year we've ever had only healthy snacks for the Super Bowl. Lots of crudit̩s with a dip made of fat-free cottage cheese, plain yogurt and spices. That's it! My favorite SB snack is what I call a "bread thing" Рyou can just imagine how not on plan that might be, can't you?

Anyway ... I'm kicking this week off to a good start. Will clean and do a workout today. Might even get on the treadmill. But no promises.

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nancypete said...

I'm going to try to leave a comment again. You are doing sooo well, Debbi. I'm really proud of you. I too, have become a slave to the scale lately and must break that daily weigh-in as it's very demoralizing; I yo-yo so much. I wonder, since you'll be a "shrinking Knitter" will you be felted? Hmmmm. Thicker skinned? Think about the possibilities. L, N