Friday, February 17, 2006

The next level

I logged 150 minutes of activity yesterday. Most of that was walking outside, and I really pushed myself on the first of the two walks I took.

I live on a hilly road, and my four-mile loop takes me up some pretty steep inclines. [Thank goodness what goes up must come down!] I'm short, so 4 mph is a run for me, and I'm not yet in good enough shape to run. So completing that four miles yesterday in 70 minutes was a great accomplishment. Back when I used to run it, the only time I hurt myself was running down the hills, which is much harder on your knees than running up them. So I'm wary of doing too much too soon, and am pleased with yesterday's progress. My second walk was my 1.6-mile to-the-post-office-and-back loop. And I also mopped the floors. Again.

I burned my iTrain sculpting workout to a disk, so I can use it in the living room instead of here at the computer. I was going to add photos and make it something fun to look at but boy was that a PITA! I didn't get too far into it yesterday, because it starts out with lunges and pliƩs, and my legs were killing me from the intensive walking I'd done in the morning. Wah, wah, wah. Probably I need to do the sculpting workout before I walk. I'm downloading the ballet sculpting workout and a treadmill workout for future fitness fun.

Want some knitting? I finished both fronts of Optically Delusional, sewed the fronts to the back and have picked up and started one sleeve. I'm a little nervous about having enough yarn. Since this is a drop-shoulder kimono-type jacket, the sleeves will be shorter and narrower as I work my way down to the wrist edge. Normally I would estimate a third of the yarn each for back, fronts and sleeves. But I think – and hope! – the sleeves will take much less yarn.

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