Thursday, February 09, 2006

FLAK - 1, OD - 0

Well, the FLAK won. No photos yet, but I've completed 28 rows on the right front and am close to that on the left, after which I will cast on the front neckline stitches, connect the fronts and continue until the front and back are the same length. I will then decide if each piece needs to be a bit longer.

There was a lot of flak on the FLAK list about how deep to make the back, which is the armhole depth. Rather than obsess about the perfect number, I opted to stop at what I thought was about right but might be a little short. Much easier to keep going than to rip back. I really couldn't get over how many people were worried about that measurement.

t's completely up to me to determine my mood in the morning when I don't get on the scale. Which today is pretty good, thankyouverymuch.

Here's why I don't often snack in the evening. This was last night's dinner:

This was a lot of food – chicken breast and many vegetables, stir-fried with ginger and garlic. I watched television all evening and wasn't hungry for even a second.

I flipped back and forth between The Biggest Loser's seas
on finale and the Grammys. My housebound grandmother used to say she watched television so she could keep up with fashion. Yeah, that's why I watch the Grammys. I'll so be stepping out in that little transparent navy blue number Teri Hatcher was sporting. Here's a write-up, and from a sidebar there you can see some of the photos. Hatcher is number 12.

I'll be missing TBL, and hope they have reruns later. I discovered a couple of episodes in the Special Features section of my workout DVD; I'm saving them for when I need some inspiration. The finale was definitely inspiring – another engaged couple episode, with a dream wedding as the prize. The real prize, though, is that everyone ends up fit and healthy. Just like us, right?

I didn't much like most of the music on the Grammys (could I be getting old?), although I didn't see much of the first two hours of the show. I enjoyed the tribute to Sly Stone, and was amazed to actually see him strut his stuff. Wish I could point you to a photo, but I couldn't find one right off the bat. Yes, I Googled! He's in great shape, with an impressive pure-white mohawk that was more than a little bit distracting.

Update: Found a Sly photo. Is this awesome, or what?

Yesterday I walked outside for half an hour, inside on the treadmill for half an hour and spent a couple hours moving furniture and cleaning/mopping the floors. Hard, hard work. I do love my clean floors, though.

Wonder what I'd look like with a mohawk.

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