Monday, February 05, 2007

They did it!

I am one happy little Colts fan this morning. How could you not root for that cute guy over there on the left?

Now when does football season start again? No more college, no more pro [unless you count the Pro Bowl, next Saturday]. I'm not as rabid an NBA fan as I used to be and college basketball doesn't really get exciting for another month or so.

What's a sports fan to do?

I watched the trophy ceremony on CBS and then switched over to ESPN for the post-game analysis. I don't know why I needed to do that –
I'd just watched the whole game – but I wasn't quite ready to quit, until one of the talking heads prefaced a commercial break with this:
"When we return, does Peyton need to win another ring to cement his legacy?"
Or some such BS.

The whole pre-game hype, for two freakin' weeks, was all about Peyton needing to win this game to prove himself. Now they think he needs to do it again? To prove himself? Gimme a break. He hasn't even gotten back from Disney World and they want a repeat performance. Sheesh!

Moving on … doncha just love Prince?
Say what you will about my musical taste, but I put Prince right up there with Bob Dylan in the creative genius category. [I hear you snickering! Stop it!]

I tried to find an image of the unusual, um, headgear he wore for the first part of his performance, but couldn't. It reminded me of the way my grandmother used to wear little scarves around her head on washday. You know how women used to tie them in the front, to cover all their pincurls? [I'm clearly dating myself here.] Except hers weren't solid black. I must say I was relieved when he ripped it off, revealing hair, and not pincurls. Much less distracting.

Since it was the Super Bowl, I indulged in a cheese-and-crackers snack, and I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow morning when I weigh in. I didn't need them, but I sure wanted them. [Actually, what I wanted was much more fattening and indulgent; low-fat cheese and wheat crackers was the lesser of two evils.] I did a light weight-training session earlier in the day and rowed for 10 whole minutes. I just couldn't manage any more than that. I guess there's a good reason the training schedule puts a rest day after a long-run day.

I made lots of knitting progress before and during the game. Another beret bites the dust. Too big again! It was a wool/mohair blend so I tried fulling it and again the top part shrank while the band remained too large. I'm giving up on berets; I cast on for a ribbed beanie last night and should finish it today. I worked on the three socks, as well, but didn't expect to finish any of them.

I'm going to need the ribbed beanie tonight when I go to the prison for drawing class. We're in the midst of a cold snap – er, I mean Cold Snap – and temperatures will be in the teens when I'm out, dropping to single digits overnight. I doubt if the furnace shuts off until tomorrow afternoon.

Eight-two days until race day.


Anonymous said...

Da Bears.

: (

Singed - Unhappy Jeanette in Chicago

PastaQueen said...

Well, there's a happy Jennette in Indianapolis. I don't much care about football, but I'm glad everyone in this city is happy and not depressed. Though you won't catch me at the parade downtown today because it's currently 7 degrees out. Uh, great day for a parade, not.

Shauna said...

debbi! glad you were happy with the outcome. did you know i sat up til 1AM UK time watching the superbowl trying to understand what the fuss is all about. gareth tried to explain (as best as an ill-informed scotsman could) but i was totally lost. very entertaining though! i wish i'd stayed awake for half time, PRINCE? hella cool :)

jen said...

Prince was the highlight of the game for me (which I half-watched while reading blogs and writing my own entries). He wore the do-rag because of the rain, I think. I was thrilled that he was actually playing and singing, I had been afraid it would just be lip-synched... but it was obviously live. I had a huge crush on him back in high school, and I still admire and respect him as a musician and an artist. And he works his tiny little butt off. I have never enjoyed a Super Bowl halftime show before, but this was great.

Anonymous said...

I was glad Indy won too, but let's not forget about Tony Dungy. Jon Gruden won in Tampa Bay with the team Tony had put together. Yes, I'm glad for Peyton too, and a little sorry for Lovie Smith, but Tony deserves more than a little credit. We enjoyed Prince's halftime show, and thought it was interesting that he did other people's songs. We thought he should've ripped off his shirt and had a "wardrobe malfunction" of his own - ha ha!