Thursday, February 01, 2007

Progress photo

Well, it's the first of the month, and you know what that means! The bills are due! Heh.

Last month someone suggested I should wear one of my handknit sweaters for the next comparison, so I pulled out one of my favorites. You'll note that it's grey – as was the shirt I wore for last month's progress shot. When I had my colors done I came out a Neutral.

The yarn is a wool-cashmere blend, the softest fiber I've ever worked with and warm, warm, warm. I bought a two-pound cone from School Products probably eight years ago, and was afraid to use it for three or four years.

Finally I decided I'd rather wear it than look at it.
The sweater fit great when I made it. I didn't wear it at all last winter – too tight, especially through the arms – and now it's a bit roomy. I like it, though. I think I'll wear it again today, if I have to see the doctor.

I got my hair cut yesterday and my hairdresser diagnosed conjunctivitis. My left eye is red and itches, and I'd hoped it would feel and look better this morning, but it's worse. Naturally it's snowing and my little PT Cruiser doesn't navigate very well on snow-covered mountain roads. Conjunctivitis sometimes clears up after a few days; I'll call to see if I have to come in or not.


Okay, yesterday was a five-mile speed drill, not a five-mile tempo run. Tempo runs consist of a one-mile warm-up, three miles at a steady, manageable pace and a one-mile cool down. Speed drills look like this [a lap on the treadmill is a quarter-mile]:
2 laps at 3.5 mph
2 laps at 3.8 mph
2 laps at 5.1 mph
2 laps at 5.3 mph
2 laps at 4.5 mph
2 laps at 5.3 mph
2 laps at 5.1 mph
2 laps at 4.8 mph
2 laps at 4.3 mph
1 lap at 4.1 mph
1 lap at 3.8 mph
I was a tired little puppy when I limped off the treadmill after 68 minutes. And for some reason my DVD player will only play the two-disc deluxe version of the first Rocky movie, but wouldn't recognize Rocky II, which was one of a cheaper five-disc set. I seriously think it was too cold in that room. At any rate, I've already watched the first film, so I just turned the captioning on SportsCenter and cranked up the Shuffle. Thank goodness for the Shuffle. I could do these treadmill runs without it, but I'm so glad I don't have to.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Eighty-six days until race day.


Miss New Booty said...

Congratulations - You're looking great!

Shauna said...

Debbi, you look fab, and i love the jumper!

And i also love that you had your colours done, i am MAD about the colours! i had mine done a year ago and still won't shut up about it :P

hope your peepers are feeling better soon! xx

Lise said...

Look how great you look! Look how great your sweater looks, too! An extra-cozy cashmere sweater is proof against anything short of a blizzard.

oh and, conjuntivitis? Try a heated washcloth on the affected eye (soak it and microwave it.) It really helps the discomfort.

Susie said...

You look maaavelous! Hair, sweater, fab jeans, right down to your toes. What a difference a year and a month make :) That sweater is definitely too big, though. ENjoy the roominess, it looks very snuggly!

Lori said...

Don't you look fabulous and thin and pretty! I think you ought to wear that sweater year it will be too big.

I luv my shuffle (if only I could get the #*%$ podcasts on it). I have to say, your speeds are really very good. And you're doing fabulouso.

Be careful out in the snow and stuff...
I hope your eye is better.

Connie said...

You are looking quite sassy, my dear! The sweater is really pretty, too!

Grumpy Chair said...

You look so great! Neutrals are my favorites - beige, grey, black, brown!

I'm glad you posted your speeds when you run. I was always curious if it is one speed all the way, or like you have shown. Interesting.