Saturday, February 24, 2007

Slow motion

My Dark Ages dial-up internet connection seems to be moving in slow motion this morning, and I am, as well.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I went shopping together yesterday, something we rarely do. Mostly because I like shopping and he doesn't. So the shopping was limited to picking up a couple more pairs of Thorlo running socks and some office supplies. And then we went out for dinner.

Our choices were Outback Steakhouse or Ryan's. Outback is pretty self-explanatory; Ryan's is a buffet with a whole lotta everything. He was very hungry and I didn't have a preference, so Ryan's it was.

I can handle myself pretty well at a buffet, and did so yesterday. Rotisserie chicken without the skin, green beans, steamed broccoli, salad with vinegar and a little olive oil. My one indulgence was a piece of sugar-free apple pie from the dessert bar.

By the time we got home I was feeling icky. Before Jeopardy was over I was sick, and since I feel pretty much okay this morning, I know it was something I ate. No more Ryan's for me, thankyouverymuch.

Lori asked in yesterday's comments if I had to deal with the wind when I ran Thursday. Unfortunately, I did; I was facing it on the two-mile return part of the loop. I had no choice but to keep on running, though, both to make my target time and to get back to my car. Today I'm going to run four straight miles on a longer road; Mr. Shrinking Knitter agreed to drop me off at the beginning and pick me up at the end.

Or somewhere along the way, if I don't make it. Heh. Kidding!

I've made my Oscar knitting selection, and it turns out that I'm actually not in the mood to make anything felted after all. Maybe it's the whole promise-of-spring thing, with the sunshine and the snow all gone and the warmer temperatures. Also, I would have to paw through a stack of random patterns about eight inches tall to find what I need. That fat woman over there is wearing a previous version [five years ago? maybe longer] of the sweater I started a couple days ago.

It's called the Sailing Pullover from a book called New Directions in Knitting published by House of White Birches. I'm making the new one in a solid pale pink ribbon; the others have been cream-and-white and black-and-tan. The examples in the book are red-and-white striped and blue-and-white striped – quite nautical and soooo not my style.

I like making this sweater; it's one of the few I've done multiple times. You start by knitting a long narrow rectangle for the back, then another one with a little neckline shaping for the front. Then you pick up stitches along one long side of both pieces and start knitting the sides and sleeves, and repeat for the other side. It's all garter stitch, all the time, so not much thinking is necessary. Perfect for watching who's with whom and what they're wearing, doncha think?

And it also will be a nice top to wear this spring.

Spring is on its way, right?

Sixty-three days [seven weeks] until race day.


Shauna said...

oscar knitting! i love it.

i sure hope it's spring is on its way, arrgh! i saw some buds starting to blossom on a tree on my walk today. we live in hope :)

i am in awe of your ability to get a husband inside a shop. mine does a bi-annual click click click on an online shop, 32" waist, size Medium. and if it doesn't fit he'll just wear it anyway :P

denise said...

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit. And it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit, either.”

I thought you would appreciate this quote from the "Stitch N Bitch" page a day calendar. I bought one for a friend and she gave me the code to sign up for the email version. Sometimes quotes, sometimes patterns, sometimes little nits and nats of other knitting related information. Kind of fun.

But me - I'm still stuck at the point where I need to do a join to continue my dish cloth! I finally went out a bought a needle to use to try the Russian join, but haven't done it yet. Tomorrow promises to be a dismal, rainy day, so perhaps I'll stay in and get back to knitting!