Thursday, February 22, 2007

As God is my witness …

I'm never running on the treadmill again.

[You can insert the deity of your choice there, if it makes you more comfortable. I'm all about making my guests comfortable!]

Now, you all know that's an out-and-out lie. I'll run on the treadmill if the weather sucks on a training day. But like Scarlett having her moment in the radish patch just before intermission, that's how I feel about treadmill running vs. outdoor running.

By mid-afternoon yesterday I was feeling the burn in my thighs, for sure, but also in my back and shoulders. My abs would tell you I did 50 crunches; I did exactly ZERO. It hurts to stand up from a sitting position and last night was not a good night for Molly to hurl her dinner. You try crawling around on your hands and knees, cleaning up used dog food, when you can barely stand upright.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but not much.

In other words, I had a great four-mile run on a nice flat stretch of not-too-icy road. About 50 minutes, start to finish – that's a 12:30 mile. I was supposed to do it at a 13:53 pace, but apparently I can't read the schedule very well.

I had the iPod with me because it has a clock [the Shuffle doesn't have that feature and I don't wear a watch], and it quit playing with about three-quarters of a mile to go. Gack!
I think the time on the clock in the car is accurate with the iPod. I ended up having to reset and reload the iPod when I got home, but I still don't know why it quit mid-song.

Today's run is the same as yesterday's. I've already had my Aleve/vitamin/Rx cocktail. Maybe I should take another Aleve when I get back. I'll also do some weight-training today.

I've been knitting; still working on baby gifts. I have to come up with something easy to work on during the Academy Awards Sunday night – maybe a bag, or another pair of felted clogs – a little break from baby knitting is in order, I think.

I'm not a big fan of intarsia, but for a small piece like a bib it's effective and not too obnoxious, don't you think? The other baby thing I finished recently is a teensy little one-piece romper. I still have to sew buttons on. But that's sewing, you see, and I'd rather be knitting. Heh.

On another, completely-not-related-to-fitness note [or two]: Could they just bury Anna Nicole Smith and move on? I'm appalled at the whole thing. And Britney! Can you spell b-i-p-o-l-a-r?

Sixty-five days until race day.


LME said...

I think that bib is super cute. I really like the color combo.

Back when I was doing C to 5K last spring, I remember the move from treadmill to running outside. Not pretty.

Re your iPod problem. Mine has done that in the past, too, and the only thing I was able to come up with (unless your battery is about to go; I've had to have three replaced since I've had mine, which is about once a year) that caused it was the fact that the couple of times it did happen I had the thing in the pocket of my jogging pants and I think it overheated.

Jack Sprat said...

Add me to the dead-iPod list!!! I took mine to the Apple store several times and they swear there is nothing wrong with it. I'm resigned to calling it my $300 Life Lesson. Oy! Don't get me started.

I use Devin's shuffle, but as you point out, there's no clock. Even worse, you can't create playlists! Whatever! Steve Jobs I hate you!

Anyway, my Treo cell phone turns out to be an amazing music player. Once I converted all of Steve Jobs' evil iTunes songs back into a USEBLE format (mp3), I was able to copy them onto a memory card and stick them in my phone. So my Treo has more capacity than a shuffle, it allows playlists, it shows the time, AND in a pinch I can use it to make a come-rescue-me call.

Oh, and congrats on your all of your running, whether indoor or out. Treadmills are so difficult ... that's why the word "treadmill" is a synonym for something tedious and repetitive. You continue to amaze me!!