Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Quote Day

Lessee … how about this:
Every cloud has a silver lining.
No? Then, maybe …
This, too, shall pass.
Okay, seriously, here's the quote that speaks to me today:
Every one of us
gets through the tough times
because somebody is there,
standing in the gap
to close it for us.

Oprah Winfrey
So. I might actually have used that quote in a previous post. If so, it's worth repeating.

Thanks for your good wishes, thoughts and comments yesterday. One of my blogless friends asked me Wednesday if I'd found something for which to be grateful, and the first thing I came up with was the internet. I guess the second thing would be that we didn't have a power failure, for without power, there is no internet.

[Here I go, off on a tangent again. Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I have often said that if we ever did get a generator, we'd put it in the garage. We could totally survive in the office for a few days. But I'd probably have to move the computer from the house to the office. Just knowing that electricity was soooo close … but I digress.]

I can't go through and answer each and every comment because you would all go away and read someone else's blog and I neeeeeeeeeed you. Heh. But I do want to clear a couple things up, and say one special thank-you.

Maryanne suggested cross-training as a way to shake things up a bit and "trick" my body into releasing more weight. Or at least not packing more on. She's new here, and so doesn't know that I'm doing that. I've been pretty consistent about doing a yoga session once a week and a rowing machine session once or twice a week. On the days I cross-train, I also do a light weight-training session with dumbbells, a barbell and a bench that has these weighted contraptions for leg and arm moves.

While I agree that my doctor should be – and is – an important part of my plan, I doubt I'll be talking with him about taking cholesterol-lowering medication, as Vickie's friend did. Besides, my triglycerides are on the low side anyway – 81, and the normal range is 50-150.

He's been very good about letting me try a course or two of different drugs to see if adding something would help. My greatest hope was Topamax; the side effect of loss of appetite has earned it the moniker 'doctors' wives drug' among pharmaceutical reps. I'm one of the ones who doesn't experience weight loss, and taking a drug just to lose weight – without the underlying conditions [epilepsy, migraine prevention] for which it is intended means your insurance company won't pay for it.

It's pretty expensive to use for vanity purposes.

I like Denise's theory: Let's blame everything on Global Warming! And Gaby offered the advice to eat plenty of vegetables [I do] and keep my metabolism guessing [I try].

All of you are so supportive. It feels like I have my own little pep squad out there. And of all of you, Jonathan must be the captain. Thank you, my friend, for your kind words. You always give me hope.

My wonderful neighbor with the snowblade came by yesterday to plow the driveway – after I'd shoveled two tire-track paths so I could get out to pick up the mail. But I didn't mind. Every little bit of exercise I do is good, and the driveway is now clear from edge to edge and end to end. The sun did its job, melting the snow from the surface and our road is even clear in the shady spots.

Today is a rest-from-running day, so I'll hop on the rowing machine and lift weights this morning and then … drumroll … I'm going to town! I never thought I'd be so excited about going to the bank and the grocery. And on Monday, oh, goodie, goodie, I have a dentist's appointment in the city. Meaning I can actually go to a Mall and Shop and even Buy Well-Fitting Running Shoes. Oh, and Craft Supplies. Heh.

It's good to have something to look forward to.


jeannie crockett said...

Have you thought about the fact that you don't have any excess fat to lose? I'm stunned that you aren't losing weight---as I am sure you are.

jen said...

I think that with all the scientific calculations and weight loss research, this stuff is still a bit of a mystery. So at times, if you know you're doing the right things, you just have to trust that and keep going, and then the changes will come.

I have been graphing my weight and when you look at it long-term, all the brief ups and plateaus still show a gradual downward trend. It just isn't happening as fast as I want it to. You may try plotting out your weight over the last year or so and see if you notice something similar.

You're doing the right stuff. And the running will eventually start making the weight peel off -- it seems to take a while to see scale results but then it happens all at once.

I have my own magic theory that your body has to be convinced you're serious about this running thing before it will give up the weight. It makes as much sense as everything else I've heard.

Jack Sprat said...

Gosh, I hate it when people ask me to think of something about which I'm grateful... just when I'm settled into a nice depressed state of mind. I figure, its not a sin to feel upset or disappointed, right?


P.S. I'm grateful for chocolate.