Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The skinny on YOAD

I received several e-mails and comments yesterday about my experience with YOU: On a Diet. Did the sudden whoosh of three pounds gone make some of you think this is The One True Plan? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. It seems to be working for me, right now. And it seems to be something I can live with for the long haul.

It might even work for you, or you, or you. It's certainly worth a shot, and you don't have to buy the book to get started.

Almost every time I've mentioned YOAD, I've linked to the website. That site is stuffed with information and resources – more than I can ever offer. The book supplements that information with solid science on how the digestive system works, why we need to include certain foods and avoid others, why moving the body is important … all presented in a writing style that is stuffed with analogies. I found that slightly distracting, but I'm not holding it against the YOU doctors.

My first and most coherent thoughts about the book are here and here.

If you know you won't follow a menu plan, you can still get a good idea of the recommended foods by creating a plan on the website. [You might have to register to get to the menu planner.]

If sugary, fatty, take-out or processed foods are a large part of your current diet, you'll probably feel deprived following the YOU plan, which is based on whole grains, lean protein, avoiding sugar, blah, blah, blah. You know all this stuff. It's packaged in a way that makes the why easy to understand and adopt, if you're ready.

I was more than halfway there when I dug into the website. The book was the icing on the cake, if you'll forgive the pun.

Let me know how you do after your first two weeks!

Okay, enough about that.

Yesterday was a glorious day, from start to finish. The sun was out all day, the temperature was in the upper 40s to low 50s and the wind was gentle. The training schedule said "Rest/X-train," so I took a walk. A long walk, one in which I broke into a slight jog only twice. It was kind of nostalgic, actually. I've taken this walk more than 500 times since I've lived here: from my house to the post office and back [1.6 miles], drop off the mail and then from my house to a big white farmhouse and back [4 miles]. It took more than an hour and a half and I felt great when I got back.

Afterward, I ran the sweeper and straightened up the kitchen, took a shower and got ready for my regular Tuesday gig at the prison and then sat down to knit for a while.

The meeting was one of the best I can remember. One of the inmates shared her story with us. She'll be leaving soon, and is both apprehensive about going but confident that she has what she needs to never return. The new assistant warden attended, at my invitation. She said to the group that she was happy to be there, but that if anyone felt uncomfortable or inhibited about expressing themselves, she would leave. I'm very impressed with her. She's one of the few staff I've met who believes inmates are people first, felons second. It's good to know there still are corrections workers who think like that.

All in all, a great day.

Fifty-nine days until race day.


Vickie said...

You might have already said this somewhere - and I missed it - but to those searching their cereal aisles for Whole Grain Oats or Steel Cut Oats - at all my local stores - they are in the Health Food section - not the cereal aisle. And within the Health Food Section - they are not with cereals - they are in displays - by company with lots of other grains.

Debbi said...

First place I checked was the health food section, but thanks for the suggestion. I think there just aren't enough health-minded people here in Middle of Nowhere, WV [aren't we the fattest state in nation?] for the groceries to justify stocking it any more. Fake candy bars [chewy granola bars] sell better than real oats.

PastaQueen said...

Everytime I see the abbreviation YOAD I momentarily think it's Yoda and you've gone on the Jedi diet and are running through the swamps of Degobah.

vickie - So that's where the good oats are! I looked for them in the cereal aisle after I learned my instant oatmeal was evidently devil food, but haven't checked the health food section yet.

denise said...

There must have been something going on at McCann's recently. My grocery store actually puts the steel cut oats right in there with the other oatmeal in the cereal aisle.

A fellow WW had come up with a way to do steel cut oats in the crockpot, and when I went to the store to find them...there were none. This, of course, is entirely typical of the grocery store I go to. I can go in there for 3 things as simple as sugar, chicken broth, and baking soda and have them be totally out of one or more of them (really - even the staples they can't keep stocked - it's a mess).

When after a couple of weeks I still couldn't nab any steel cut oats, I asked at the service desk (they hate to see me coming there). They said there was some kind of shipment problem - they kept ordering from the warehouse and none were being sent.

After about 6 weeks they got more in, so maybe there's an overall shortage of the McCann's steel cut oats!

Also, if you want to order them on-line, they are available through Of course, I'm not sure how much shipping is - I got suckered into signing up for Prime Shipping so it would be free to me.

And, I really, really need to crack open my YOAD book, 'cause it sounds like it's really working! There is a YOAD blog on Amazon similar to Frances'. I was connected to it because I ordered You, An Owner's Manual from Amazon, but I have not been following it. The blog started before the book came out as a preview and way to build excitement I guess. I was turned off by the marketing aspect of it and didn't read it. But you should be able to find it on Amazon if you're interested.

Vickie said...

My package also says that steel cut oats should be kept in freezer or refrigerator. My mom (raised on a farm) keeps all grains in the refrigerator - I thought it was just an old habit from living with farm mice - but she said it is actually to keep fresher.