Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nothing. Nadda. Nil.

Yesterday my workout consisted of … nothing!

My usual rest day is Sunday, but this week I guess I'm taking two. Unless I feel incredibly energetic tomorrow, which isn't likely since I'll be treadmilling seven miles today. I'm keeping an open mind, however.

I feel like the rudest blogger in the world for neglecting to thank you for complimenting me on the progress photos and wishing me well with the whole conjunctivitis thing. I do indeed have it, and am putting drops in the affected eye three times a day, which has already helped a lot. It's still red, but I don't think I would scare little children and my hairdresser probably wouldn't even notice it.

As for the progress photos, it's still hard for me to think I look okay, let alone good. If you cover up the before picture, you see a kind of frumpy, slightly overweight lady who looks a little self-conscious because she's taking her own damned picture. I'll give myself props for not slamming myself the day I posted the picture, but then I guess I have to take them back for slamming myself today. Hmmm.

Yesterday I could not get warm. I felt chilled to the bone all day, shivering while wearing wool socks, wool clogs, fingerless mittens, a turtleneck under a sweater and soft, fuzzy, warm gym pants. I napped under the sheet, blanket, comforter and an extra blanket. And I never nap unless I'm sick. So maybe I was on the edge of being sick. I feel fine this morning. In fact I kicked the extra blanket off in the middle of the night and feel downright toasty today.

Well, so far anyway.

Part of not working out yesterday was because I was just too cold to go outside. Getting to our home gym means walking a few short feet to the garage and climbing a flight of stairs. We don't turn the heat on in that room unless we're going to spend some time there, so the idea of braving the outside cold to get to a cold room was Just Too Much.

Food has been great, though. While I haven't yet read You: On a Diet, I know that one thing Dr. Oz recommends is to make breakfasts and lunches pretty consistent, and I've been doing that. In addition to reducing temptation, it also makes you seem kind of silly for wanting to chow down on a deep-dish pizza after you've done so well all day. I can see where some people might think, 'Wow, I've done so well all day I think I can afford to splurge on a deep-dish pizza,' but that's not how it's working with me.

I'll be partying tomorrow by myself for the Super Bowl, so I won't have to contend with snacks of unknown origin. If you're hosting or expected to bring something to your party, here are some ideas that no one would even suspect are healthy alternatives to usual football-party fare.

Go, Colts!

Eighty-four days until race day.

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