Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One more, one more!

Thanks for sharing your NSVs yesterday. If you weren't here, we were sharing a few Non-Scale Victories – things like collarbones and muscles and such. It's a treat to find them when you haven't noticed them for a while.

The big one I forgot about is one that can't be seen, except as data on a piece of paper, and that's blood chemistry results. For me, it was a cholesterol reading that dropped from 239 [November, 2005] to 169 [October, 2006]. The LDL ["bad" cholesterol] went from 160 to 98.8, and the ratio improved from 5.1 to 3.1.

I give exercise all the credit for those great results, as I've been eating more-or-less healthfully for years. Portion sizes – in other words, calories – count, even when you're eating low-fat food, and that, in addition to exercise, was another of my missing links in weight control.

I don't know what the missing link is this week. I stayed the same, even though at one point during the week I was down two pounds. Up, down, up, down ... I try to tell myself what Jonathan keeps reiterating: The number on the scale is information, not a value judgment.

Average calories consumed daily: 1368
Average calories burned daily: 512

I ran or walked 24 miles last week and spent an hour on the rowing machine.

Enough about that.

Yesterday was like a present from Mother Nature, wrapped in a breeze and embellished with birdsong. The temperature topped out at 47 degrees by mid-afternoon, with thin, high clouds that only added to the glory of the sky. I did my 'easy' four-mile run on the treadmill in the morning, but I just couldn't let the day end without getting outside. I threw on a jacket and headed out at about 2 p.m. and walked for two miles, which took between 35 and 40 minutes. I really wasn't counting. I didn't take the Shuffle and I didn't break into a jog. I was so happy to be outside in the sun.

The breeze was getting breezier by the time I got back to my driveway, and I'd forgotten a hat, so two miles was plenty … a little bit of a spring teaser. I saw a flock of fat robins who all looked perfectly happy to be here. For this Ohio native, robins are the first sign of spring.

I can't wait to get back outside on a regular basis again. Maybe today, although it's supposed to rain. Today is a cross-training day on the half-marathon schedule, and I'd rather walk outside than row inside any time. I'm going to do the YOAD strength workout today, as well. It's a 20-minute routine you can do with resistance bands, with weights or
without weights. Since the beauty of it, for me anyway, is that you can do it without weights, that's how I'll tackle it today. If it seems too easy, I can add bands or weights next time.

Sixty-seven days until race day.


Jack Sprat said...


Thanks for the NSV question. I contemplated it briefly yesterday, drew a blank, and then posted a comment that had nothing to do with NSVs! I guess its easier for me to preach than to practice.

Yet NSV’s are critical because in the long run what we’re trying to do is maintain weight, and its hard to think of the number staying the same as a "victory." As a result, its worth investing some time and effort into identifying positive changes during the weight loss process that have nothing to do with the scale.

All I’m coming up with at the moment is that I ran twice yesterday. Once with the dog first thing in the a.m., and then again later, when I jogged to the gym. Both times it felt "normal" and "routine" to be doing that, despite the San Francisco hills.


FindingONEderland said...

We had the higher temp yesterday, around 45 degrees but it was raining so it felt much colder. Today I woke up to find it 48 outside at 6am...hopefully today is going to be much warmer feeling. I hope yours is too. Oh and I agree about the robins, I had a yard full couple days ago. It's not something I had seen in a while so here is to hoping we have a nice early and pretty Spring.