Friday, August 18, 2006

Today's quote courtesy of Mar!a

A couple of days ago, I rather flippantly asked Mar!a for tips on sustaining a happy marriage, as she and her husband celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss. Here's what she said. Go read it; I'll wait.

The core truth that jumped out for me was this line:
A good marriage is not about finding the right person, it's about being the right person.
–Mar!a, Someday is Now
I couldn't be the right person until I got sober. All my relationships have improved since that day more than 15 years ago; I think everyone who knew me then and knows me now would agree.

Thanks, Mar!a, for taking the time to share your thoughts about what makes a good marriage. I think your essay deserves to be printed in a magazine.

I mentioned here yesterday that Dateline will be airing a program tonight called "Food Fight" – a debate over personal responsibility vs. corporate responsibility as the food industry is increasingly being targeted as a root cause of obesity. I love Jen's comment: "As if it's just one or the other." Hey, they only have an hour, and that's how television works – wrap it all up in a tidy little package before the credits roll. Hasn't Oprah been having a food-fight debate for the last decade?

I wonder if Dateline interviewed successful weight-loss bloggers for the program. They could learn more from Jonathan, Skinny Daily and PastaQueen – and many others! [see the sidebar] – than from McDonald's or Kraft Food executives.

I don't have live-blogging capability [or skills!], but I'll be taking notes.


loretta123 said...

Great marriage quote!

As for the obesity debate, first we blamed ourselves, then our mothers. Now it's the food industry. Dontcha just love the media???

Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

LOVE that marriage quote too...and I can second your emotion -- I was not the person I am today when I was drinking. I couldn't be trusted or counted on to show up for anything.

I can't wait to see this Dateline thing! Thanks for the heads up!

stretchy said...

My bittter half reminded me a few days ago that we were in our 20's when we got together. I had somehow , over the decades, forgotten that factoid. We thought we were so wise and mature back then I guess... anyway now we are in our 50's --the secret? Communication and just ignoring a whole lot of behavior that annoys the heck out of you.