Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thank you so, so, SO much!

Your comments yesterday made my day – and since our water is acting goofy [we have a well that supplies us with plenty of water, but it's sometimes not a color you would want to drink], I really needed your good wishes and happy thoughts.

I hope you lurkers will come out again ... it's so helpful to me to know you're out there. Wonder how many of you will speak up when I tell you about the baby?

Yes, I made the Diamond Patch specifically for the wedding, and wore it with white gauzey wide-legged pants and white leather sandals. One woman who shared an elevator with us was very complimentary about my outfit, and couldn't believe she was actuallly meeting a couple who got married in Vegas. She was pretty funny.

Also in the 'knitting' category, I took one of those skeins of Socks That Rock that a very kind reader sent me a while ago, and got quite a bit of airport/airplane knitting done on a Jaywalker sock, as you can see here. The color is called "Sherbet," but I think it looks like neon lights – perfect for Las Vegas!

Back to the wedding: None of our family was with us, so we'll follow up our little private ceremony with a reception next month here in the Middle of Nowhere. The whole thing, from getting the license to being delivered back to our hotel, took about half an hour, and was completely fun.

We'd intended to have our wedding supper at Spago's Saturday night, but it was so hot, and we were so tired that we just kept putting it off, and decided we'll get there next time we go to Vegas. The buffet at the Mirage was fabulous, and we went there twice.

Food in Vegas was manageable. Every hotel has a buffet, and every buffet offers a salad bar, healthy entree selections, fresh fruit and sugar-free [although not calorie-free] desserts. I didn't go out there with the idea that I had to stick to a strict plan, and I enjoyed myself without going overboard. Food is fuel, not fun, or a reward. Breakfasts were difficult; if you don't load up with eggs and breakfast meat, you somehow feel you're not getting your money's worth. But Mr. Shrinking Knitter is the most supportive diet partner I could ever hope for, and we didn't go out there to save money on food. Or anything else, as the slot machines will attest!

Exercise in Vegas? I'll save that for tomorrow. I have a great running story, one that PastaQueen, especially, will appreciate. Until then ... thank you again for all your wonderful comments.


jen said...

Congratulations! Vegas is a fun city and I agree with you -- the buffets do make it easy to eat healthy meals without making a huge deal about it.

Greta said...

I'd love to know a little more about the wedding itself. As a wedding photographer, I am always curious about Las Vegas weddings. Last year I spend a couple of hours looking up Las Vegas wedding sites on the internet just to see what they are like. Where was the ceremony? What kind of a "package" did you choose? More details please!

PastaQueen said...

Did somebody hit on you?! I swear, why bother going to bars when you can just run around the neighborhood looking for hot guys?

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the infamous lurkers, but I had to come out of my closet to say I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! I'm a beginning knitter and a constant dieter, so I ALWAYS read your blog, even if I fall off the dieting wagon or want to throw my knitting project out the window.
The baby comment is classic, LOL.


Isabelle said...

I've read bits of your blog before but tonight have been reading from the beginning up to April. You write a lot! I must go and do something housewifely but will look forward to reading the rest tomorrow. I find it so interesting - being of a similar age, and finding exactly the same problem as you do (or at least, did up to April). I too find that I can eat 1100 calories a day and still not lose - though I'm sure if I didn't get discouraged after a couple of weeks, I would lose eventually. Of recent years, though, I haven't put this into practice. You've cheered me up and given me hope.

And you write really well - a pleasure to read. Also - congratulations on becoming Mrs SK.