Thursday, August 17, 2006

Okay, I really need to get out more

So it sounds as though the radio commercial I referred to yesterday is, after all, an appropriate set-up for today's kids with weight problems. I still can't remember who the advertiser was …

I was never reluctant to pose for pictures when I was a kid, no matter how little or big I was. It's a shame that today's children are saddled with body image 'issues.'

My grandpa was the family photographer; it was a hugely satisfying hobby for him. He hand-tinted photographs of my mother in the 1930s and '40s; took piles of pictures of my siblings and me when we came along in the '50s, and was probably first on the block to get a movie camera and one of those new-fangled Polaroids. I'm fairly certain he would have totally embraced computers and digital photography, as well, had he lived this long. He loved new gadgets.

The astute among you will notice there is now an archive of this blog for August 1990.


I doubt if anyone was blogging in 1990, and so I therefore claim the world's oldest blog archive as my own. It's some kind of glitch; I had trouble publishing yesterday's post and ended up having to cut-and-paste a new entry. The old one, however, did get published, as it's there in the list. I edit the time when I hit the publish button, but not the date, so blame it on Blogger. I am. And their Help group? Not much help at all.

My walk/run yesterday was 6.6 miles, about half of which was running, so I'm making progress. I came home and mowed our three acres, trimmed with the weed-whacker and then collapsed with my knitting for the rest of the day. I've made it past the armhole decreases on the back of the Seville, so I should be able to finish the back by tonight. Figuring out how to knit while sitting on the exercise ball at the computer has greatly aided my knitting progress.

If you pray, please remember a little girl named Hope, and her doctors, today, as she faces open heart surgery. Thank you.

Finally, Lucia has posted her nominations for "The Addicts Choice Knitting Blog Awards." The Shrinking Knitter would love it if you would vote for her! I just wish you could come to the Middle of Nowhere and vote for DSL. And city water.


loretta123 said...

I voted!! And not just because you asked me to LOL! Your blog name is definitely the best in category. Any progress on the Jaywalkers???

Lise said...

At a party a few years back, a friend overheard two girls talking, both around 12. One said she was going to get a brownie, the other said, "You CAN'T! Do you have any idea what that could DO to you???" It starts earlier and earlier, and gets more and more damaging all the time.

Debbi said...

Thanks, Loretta, and anyone/everyone else who voted, too. I e-mailed Loretta about the Jaywalkers – the first one is done, fits perfectly and looks terrific. I'll try to get a photo up soon.

I don't think I'm done thinking or writing about children and their body-image problems. It would help if I thought I could talk to some children about it, but I'm afraid to plant seeds where there may not be any!

denise said...

Been a lurker here for a while but haven't posted before. Have just returned from some time away from the blogs and am catching up.

Going back to your posting about tracking the time of day you eat things as well as what you eat, I've always understood that the reason for that is to enable you to spot "trends." So, if you notice you often are reaching for something around 3:00 in the afternoon, this type of tracking is supposed to make it more noticeable and you can then plan on a snack then with appropriate food choices instead of getting caught out with only a vending machine as an option.

Also, if you journal how you feel throughout the day and the time of day, then you can notice things like "Gee, I'm always hungry at a certain time, maybe I need to divert some of my calories from one meal to another to compensate." That kind of thing.

That being said, like another commenter, I've had many aborted attempts at journaling - none with any length of success, so what I'm saying is all theory and not the voice of experience - but the theory at least makes sense to me.

Congratulations on your marriage!