Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just what I always wanted – a beer gut

Denise's comment yesterday about where we carry our weight makes such good sense, doesn't it? Her doctor told her:
" … in our younger days, women tend to carry more weight on their hips and thighs – the whole preparing for childbirth thing. While men tend to develop the classic 'beer guts.'

As we go into the menopause years, we experience higher levels of male hormones – particularly in proportion to the declining production of female hormones.

This often results in women then developing their own 'beer gut'-like stomachs – in other words, we start to put on more girth around the waist."
It explains a lot of the "why" for some people, including me. Do you suppose progesterone cream would help? [Oh, there I go again, searching for an easier, softer way.]

Seriously, I'm going to quit worrying about it. [I've heard that stress causes weight gain. hehehe] I'm confident that as I continue to eat healthfully and exercise regularly, I'll see results all over. Some places are more stubborn than others. And if the inches don't fall the way I want them to ... well, I can always take up sewing again.

Lots to do today, and not much more to say. I hope you fill your weekend with fun company, healthful food and lots of water. That's what I'm going to do!


jen said...

Hey, if you have more testosterone, maybe see if you can build some impressive muscles at the gym. Male hormones only would make us fat if we sit around -- men are usually thinner than women are.

Pharmamedics said...

As I know, women cannot built muscles if they have more testosteron at menopause, or not?