Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Deep Random Thoughts

by the Shrinking Knitter:
  • Ticks just show up. You don't even have to be looking for them. For instance, how many times do you look at the cuff of your sock while you're running up a hill?

  • And speaking of running up hills, it's easier if you don't look up at the horizon or down at your shoes. But try running up a hill knowing you can't look up or down.

  • A live snake crossing the road in front of you is scarier than someone pulling out in front of you in a car.

  • Dead possums smell. Dead deer stink.

  • A cotton bandana can hold a finite amount of sweat.

  • Running in thick fog feels like swimming in air. Except you don't get cooled off.

  • The number of things left to do before you leave on a trip increases in proportion to the time you have left before you get on the plane. And several things will go wrong.
Thanks again, everyone, for your e-mails and comments. You keep me running!


Greta said...


Dead skunk REALLY stink. Even after somebody drags away the carcass it stinks where they were for days.

When running uphill, try picking out a rock or a weed ahead on the path and run to that, then pick out another tree or flower or weed and run to that, keeps your eyes on the road ahead but not up or down. It's something I use whenever the going is tough.

When a live snake crosses my path, or is lying off to the side I JUMP, backwards! Definitely it's a moment to interupt a run.

I mostly find ticks after I am home and I am sitting very still. Then I feel something crawling. Yikes! I can't STAND ticks on me! Luckily it's only a few times a year.

Debbi said...

For some reason, the skunks here in the Middle of Nowhere stay out of the road. Most of the time. In the nine years I've lived here, my dog has only run into one, and I've only seen one live one.

Wish I could say the same for snakes and ticks!

Thanks for the running-uphill tip, Greta. And by the way, I finally got around to checking your profile. Are we twin sisters of different mothers?

Greta said...

I felt that you were very similar to me the minute I found your blog. I have done lots of sewing and used to weave, so I could see myself knitting someday. I saw a store near here that has a sign in the window which advertises knitting lessons.

I don't walk on a road, I walk on trails in the 3,000 acre "open space" that's behind my house which is why I see live and dead skunks. Also there are coyotes, deer, ground squirrels, some rattlesnakes and lots of harmless snakes, frogs, ducks, hawks, eagles, and more. What's nice for me is that usually my husband and dogs walk with me which makes it more fun.

Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

I hear you with the ticks! I have to do daily inspections of our furry family members because they bring in a lot of hitchikers.

The SigOth has been treated for Lyme's three summers in a row now...they find him and bite him. Luckily, we always notice the bullseye before any serious symptoms kick in, but it's stressful. I know someone who's been living with Lyme's for YEARS AND YEARS, and it's really messing with her.

Love the picture of your visitor!