Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Got DSL? Download this!

Workout music, all free, from DJ Steveboy.

You can download from the site or subscribe to the podcast. If you're on dial-up, set the download up before you go to bed.

I chose one at random last night called Groundpounder, which is an electronic collection at 180 beats per minute. Maybe I can get my groove going with something new for the Shuffle.

Thanks to Belle for mentioning DJ Steveboy on her blog, which I just discovered yesterday.

I started the back of the Seville Jacket yesterday; all-stockinette, all-the-time for the next, oh, six months, probably, followed by an endless cabled edge to be sewn on later. Doesn't that sound like fun? If I want to wear a couple of new vests this fall I'm going to have to add them to the rotation, because the Seville is sportweight yarn on size 4 needles.

I'd intended to pick up groceries yesterday after the meeting/dentist/errands, but the dentist was, um, painful and I didn't feel like eating, let alone grocery-shopping. So today, maybe. And there were no pink t-shirts at Tar-jay to replace the one I destroyed last week. I bought boring black and grey, on sale. Can you have too many black t-shirts? I may have to make a trip to the Old Navy that's two hours away. By the time I spend the money on gas to get there, whether it's on sale or not won't make a bit of difference, will it?

[Edited to add: Clickety-click! Just ordered exactly what I need from the Amazon.com Apparel shop. Duh – how easy was that?]

Vickie left a comment about her bloodwork comparisons – she's certainly doing something right! I usually have an annual screening done in the fall. My cholesterol had been creeping up, so it'll be interesting to see what happens this year.

The dental hygienist took my blood pressure yesterday [perhaps to determine if she needed to dispense Valium before commencing to scrape?], and pronounced it that of a 16-year-old: 106/60. I guess if any part of me needs to be a teen-ager again, blood pressure is good.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

From time to time I read about women who have combined knitting with their exercise walk - some are very successful/prolific at this and have figured out ways to carry the yarn and/or knitted fabric while walking. Most start with something small like socks/mittens/piecework but I wonder if the back of your sweater might be a candidate for the technique? :-) Personally, I have difficulty mastering walking and chewing gum at the same time! (vbg)

Lincoln Highway Gal said...

You are truly an inspriration. I'm a lurker...and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

The news on blood pressure is awesome! Way to go!!!
Not to mention that was right before a DENTAL PROCEDURE.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Greta said...

Thanks for the reference to DJ Steveboy. Sounds like it would be great for my workouts. I am glad you are back on a roll after the wedding trip. Congratulations on making it to minus 40 pounds!

BigAssBelle said...

Debbi! I'm so pleased that you could use this info and happy you visited me. This "blog" (what an absurd word) thing is all new to me, so I've been flitting around and was happy to find you.

I really like the lower heart rate mixes ~ reminds me of my days as a disco queen ;-) ~ some of them ~ and when I crank them up on the elliptical it's an amazing experience.

Congrats on your weight loss!!! lynette

Steve Boyett (dj steveboy) said...

Thanks very much for the mention! I'm glad you're enjoying Podrunner. :)