Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Grey is the new ... grey

It appears that Martha Stewart got some decorating inspiration during her stay in Alderson [that's the prison where I volunteer]. The latest issue of the magazine arrived here in the Middle of Nowhere yesterday; last night as I made my way to the classroom where I teach a drawing class, a couple of inmates were touching up the new grey paint [which is, of course, covering the old grey paint] in the stairwell.

I happen to love grey; the interior walls of my house are a very pale, pale grey and most of the rooms have dark grey woodwork. In a mostly warm climate, grey is cooling and soothing. I also wear a lot of grey, although I'm now in a pink rut. Which goes well with … grey!

Greta commented yesterday:
I am wondering if you have passed the weight at which you quit dieting the last time around. I know you mentioned a while back that you were getting close to that number and a bit concerned about it. Did you sail right through the old sticking point?
I can't say I actually sailed through, but 10 weeks after I hit it, I'm 10 pounds below it. I had a two-pound gain one of those weeks, and a couple weeks of staying the same.

I had some disturbing math dreams last night. Some people dream of falling, or flying, or playing baseball naked – I dream numbers. If I have X number of pounds left to lose, and there are 19 weeks left in the year, I'll need to lose X pounds per week. I mentioned this yesterday. My dreams were filled with crazy ideas on how to up the ante, the operative word being crazy.

The sticking point was part of the dreamy equation, as well. Is this the next one? Or will it happen when I'm 10 pounds from goal? You know what all the magazines say about those last stubborn 10 pounds.

I may have jinxed my dreams by playing my trying-on-clothes game before I went to bed. I could be wearing some of my otherwise too-small clothes if it weren't for my waistline, which is way out of proportion to my bust and hips. Another reason to start practicing yoga again?

I just love how thinking and writing here on an almost-daily basis lead me to solutions. Whether yoga works to whittle my waistline or not, the idea that I need to pick it up again has been nagging me for quite a while. So today's the day, along with some more-intense-than-normal weight training. For some reason I think walking/running is better exercise than yoga, when they really do complement each other.

And after the long, hard walk I took yesterday [7.2 miles], my feet and knees could use a rest day. Yes, DG, setting things in electronic stone does seem to work. At least for today!


Stretch said...

I too love grey... always even as a kid I tried to score grey clothing... My older sister had a grey coat with pink trim and a tiny pink poodle on it. I used to wait so impatiently for her hand-me-downs, which were ridiculously out of fashion by the time I could wear them. Time can be cruel.

The trying-on clothes game works well at a mall too. I don't spend any money, and I try on things I'd never wear normally. (or want to wear, like a glittering orange evening gown) But it is a fun game, and makes you look at yourself differently--theres always one outfit that makes you feel so great, and then you know : game over, you've won.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, yoga won't shrink your waist. Curnches woon't shrink your waist either, which I ought to know as I love to do them (please see my blog knitswellrunsbadly.blogspot.com) but have remained chunky. The only thing that will shrink your waist are dieting and aerobic exercise, both of which you are already doing.
Krrp it up! Valerie, your fan from knitlist

Greta said...

The one thing I have found is that for me, weight loss gets slower and slower the closer I get to goal. I in fact never did get to goal. I got within 2 pounds of goal and then backslid to the 10 pounds above goal mark which I guess has become my final weight though I hope that SOMEDAY I can get through those last ten pounds.

The good news though is that this is the longest I have kept weight off (it was 6 years in June that I started). When I DID make it to goal weight in earlier efforts when I was in my 30's I just kept increasing my exercise level and decreasing my food intake as I went along. At age 55 I just can't make myself do that anymore. I have a level of exercise which seems like quite a lot and I am not willing to sustain doing more than that for life. Ditto with food. I am at a level I can live with for life but I somehow can't seem to drop any lower in food intake to sustain a lower weight.

I have the opposite problem with my waist so we are NOT really twins! Either my waist is too small or my hips and thighs are too big, but I can NOT find a pair of pants that fit my hips that does not gape at the waist. So I decided recently to have a custom pair of chinos made for me by Land's End (only $59 made to order). The day after I ordered them I got a phone call and email telling me that my hip/waist ratio is too extreme (hip too big, waist too small) and that I fall outside of manufacturing parameters!! If I had a "normal" body I would not be ordering custom pants!!! What are they thinking! Anyway I talked to a lady at Land's End and she helped me to modify my order to get within their manufacturing range, but now I am sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if they will actually fit me after making these changes. Anyway, there are problems for those of us who have small boobs, small waist and big rear and thighs too!

I have heard that yoga is a good addition to weight lifting because it lengthens and stretches the muscles so you gain flexibility. However, minute for minute to burn calories you can't beat an aerobic activity. I have been enjoying working out on the elliptical machine lately and I always walk with my dogs in the morning. I don't seem to ever make it to a yoga class though I expect to do that someday in the future.

Deborah said...

Ok, ok, tell me what team that guy plays for!

What a surreal musing you right, math, dreams, weight loss, prison and martha would surely make for a great indie movie!

Vickie said...

Debbi - I will be so, so interested to see what happens with your waist line - and how you feel about it. I could just scream about mine!