Monday, August 21, 2006

I am such a creature of habit

I have a pretty set morning routine here in the Middle of Nowhere, which includes writing an almost-daily Shrinking Knitter post. Sometimes, though, things go awry [I love that word!], like, for instance, when the power goes out, due to storms or ice or a house fire burning through the main line that supplies power to all 100 households in the Middle of Nowhere.

No one was injured, as far as I know, and since the Shrinking Knitter is a no-whine zone, I'll just get going with this morning's routine, just like nothing ever happened. Which, yesterday, is exactly what did happen! By the time the power was successfully restored, around noon, I was out of the mood to park my ass in front of the computer.

You'll be very proud of me for choosing to take it outside for an hour-long walk, something I also usually do in the morning. I wasn't sure when the power would come back on, and so wasn't sure when I would be able to take a shower. [No power means no water when you have a well.] I didn't particularly feel like sitting around in my own sweat all day.

Sometime in the late afternoon, after working out, showering and preparing a light, cold supper, I parked my ass in front of the Tiger Woods golf highlight show with my knitting, and finished both fronts of the Seville jacket. They have been joined to the back and are waiting for the sleeves, one of which has been started. This is going amazingly fast, especially considering it's on size 4 needles with sportweight yarn.

Thanks to those of you who commented about Dateline. Yes, that Stone Phillips really can throw a good softball, can't he? I, too, was snorting when the McDonald's nutritionist claimed that the high-fructose corn syrup caramel dipping sauce offered "food energy." Then again, most of television [in my not-so-humble opinion] plays to the lowest common denominator – certainly not the bright, intelligent readers of the Shrinking Knitter! And, seriously, it was Friday night – I'll leave it up to you to figure out where most McDonald's customers were. Only old married folks stay home on Friday watching television "news" magazines.

Greta, your mom must have been an amazing woman. My mother did all the things yours did except work full-time. And it took all her time to do all those chores. Did she teach you to iron by starting with handkerchiefs and pillowcases? If you did, I'm going to swear we are twin daughters of different mothers!

Welcome to Chris, whose profile photo makes him look like a high-school boy, even though he claims on his blog to be happily married. How young do they let you marry in Missouri, Chris? Thanks for your comment.

So it's Monday, which is weigh-in day for me. I'm amazed and surprised to report I've lost two pounds this week, for a total of 42. I haven't figured out the calories in/calories out/miles walked stats yet, which you probably don't care about anyway. Any little trip anywhere tends to throw a wrench into my weight-loss works. I finally feel like I've recovered from Vegas.

I'm also considering the possibility that I won't manage to make my goal by January 1, 2007. According to FitDay, I need to lose 1.37 pounds per week to make it happen. I'm only averaging losses of 1.27 pounds per week. I can hear someone out there shouting, "Eat less! Move more!" To you I say: Read the archives.

I can think of two areas which need more work. I wish I could love weight training like Mar!a does. And I already do love yoga, but haven't incorporated it into the weekly routine. Now that it's written down, I'll have to follow through.



dg said...

yes! now it's set in (electronic) stone. we are your witnesses! hehehe :)

Greta said...

Yes. I started ironing with handkerchiefs and pillow cases. Then sheets. Then it was on to skirts. Finally I learned how to use a sleeve board in the sleeves and I graduated to blouses and pants. Mom also got me to do the clothes wringing with the wringer on top of the washer (which would swing out over the stationary tubs) and she taught me how to hang up wet clothes on the line, so I was a real washer woman's assistant at an early age.

That's a lot of excitment to have a fire at one of the houses in the Middle of Nowhere. I live in a neighborhood of homes that were built in 1958, and I often think about the fact that none in the neighborhood have burned down in the 48 years since they were built. Home fires just are not all that common anymore it would seem with all the fire-retardant building materials and safer heaters and probably safer wiring. All the more amazing when a fire does occur.

Congratulations on the loss of two more pounds!! GREAT!! I am wondering if you have passed the weight at which you quit dieting the last time around. I know you mentioned a while back that you were getting close to that number and a bit concerned about it. Did you sail right through the old sticking point?

I am an old married sort myself and have almost forgotten what the exciting options are on Friday nights. My big outing this past weekend was a movie on Sunday afternoon with a girlfriend (Little Miss Sunshine which was terrifically funny). Of course I am a wedding photographer and photographed a wedding Saturday so I was preparing for it Friday and recovering from it Sunday. I still can't get over the large bowl of cubed watermelon and blackberries at the wedding that had hot sauce (something like Tabasco) on it! Almost too hot to eat, but good. Shows that there are always new ways to prepare healthy foods.