Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday morning, going down!

To my great surprise and delight, I lost another pound this week, for a total of 43 for the year. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, once I get to goal – and I will get there – it won't be the end, but will be the beginning of maintaining a healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle. The only way I can do that is to stay within a normal weight range. The only way I can stay within a normal weight range is to eat healthfully and remain active.

I like that kind of Catch-22.

This week's stats:
  • Average daily calories were up a bit, at 1319.
  • Average daily minutes of activity: 90
  • Average daily calories burned: 510
After the carb-fest I ate for dinner Saturday, I truly didn't expect a loss this week. What a great incentive to keep on keepin' on. There are 18 weeks remaining this year, and you long-time readers know that my intention is to get to goal by January 1, 2007. I don't know if that's possible or not. eDiets says I'll make it by Thanksgiving, but they predict losses of two pounds per week. I'm averaging considerably less than that – about 1.25 pounds per week.

I only did two weight-training sessions this week, but I did do yoga one day. My next thing to add is 30 minutes on the rowing machine two or three times per week, for toning, mostly. When I lost weight 10 years ago, I rowed between 45 and 60 minutes every day – the most boring exercise in the world. But my rower is set up in front of a big-screen television, so it's not quite so odious an activity as it was at my former gym.

I mentioned last Friday that I had bid on a cocktail dress to wear next month for our wedding celebration with our families. It's mine! And has already been shipped. Very simple, as you can see. There is a bit of beaded silk at the neckline and shoulders, and a V-shaped panel of beaded silk inserted at the hem. Now to find shoes and some kind of chiffon-y wrap. I wish I had time to make a knitted lace wrap, but I'm not going to even try. I'll be out of town the next two weekends, leaving us just one weekend for party preparations. No sense in adding more stress to my life at this point.

The pink sweater has been fixed; I ended up ripping back a couple inches from each front and an inch from the back while I watched the Emmys. [Sob! Neither Hugh Laurie or House were winners!] The pieces have been joined back together and I need to reblock the shoulder area. I've started the underarm decreases and shaping at the top of the sleeves. The end is in sight for this sweater, but I haven't decided what to work on next.

For you non-obsessed knitters out there: There's always a 'next.'


Greta said...

Congratulations on the loss of yet another pound. I realize that many people set dates for weight loss goals, but they are largely arbitrary having nothing to do with reality. What we can control is calories eaten and exercise done. Rate of weight loss depends on the body. What does it matter if you reach goal by Jan.1 or Jan 15 or March 12? You will feel better and better the more you lose and you really won't feel al that much different when you are 5 pounds from goal than when you are at goal.

LME said...

That dress is beautiful!

Greta said...

I forgot to mention the dress. Yes! Lovely dress. You will look like the perfect blushing bride in it. I hope it fits well without alteration.

Pharmamedics said...

Congradulations! It seems you to be an iron lady. If you can do it, you'll keep your good fit always. The dress is very nice!