Thursday, August 03, 2006

The first harvest

Well, the first tomato harvest, anyway; we've been enjoying the basil and a few peppers already.

These are the first ripe Romas from my garden [6.6 ounces, about 40 calories' worth], along with some of the banana peppers which are more than abundant right now. I added chopped tomato, pepper and onion to my egg-white omelette yesterday morning, along with some fresh cilantro [purchased at the grocery – my garden cilantro is now completely baked]. Very tasty, and a nice way to start the day.

Corn has been off my menu for a long time. I may have thrown a can of corn into a batch of black bean salsa last summer when we had company, but it never shows up in the eDiet Glycemic Impact weekly menu plan. And it almost goes without saying [but I'm saying it anyway] that I don't eat anything with high-fructose corn syrup in it.

But there are other ways I might be "consuming" corn in the future. Clara at Knitter's Review took some Cornucopia for a test-knit; her results are encouraging. The yarn is 100 percent corn, with amazing yardage. Southwest Trading Company has a corn yarn, as well, called Amaizing. I love that Antique Lace color in the Cornucopia line. If using corn for yarn would catch on, I wouldn't mind government subsidies for corn farmers!

My son thought I should post a photo of the faun who came for a picnic at my place yesterday, just to prove that I really do live in the Middle of Nowhere. How many of you have deer checking out your picnic table? Apologies for the quality of the photo; it was taken through the glass of the front door and I had to zoom in from about 50 yards. But 50 yards! That's pretty close to the house, probably as close as any other deer I've ever seen here. As you can see, she was pretty tiny. I didn't see her mother anywhere, and when my dogs saw her and started barking, she bolted.

As I mentioned yesterday, the list of tasks to be done before leaving for a few days grows and grows and grows as the time diminishes. I'm heading out tomorrow morning, too early to post, and will be back late Tuesday. No computer access between now and then, but do come back on the 9th for photos of my cosmetic surgery a big surprise!

Au revoir!


loretta123 said...

What a nice calming photo to start the day! Have fun! Looking forward to your return. Stay safe!

Marilyn B said...

Can't wait to see the pictures on the 9th. I'll be on my way to Stitches Midwest but should have internet access with my laptop that evening. Of course if you post really you do...I might even be able to see the pictures before I leave.
Be sure and wave when you fly over. GRIN

Stretchy said...

Your faun is very lucky to live in the middle of nowhere.
Yesterday, over 100 degrees, and deer in my yard, lying in a shady spot. Our deer, foxes, weasles, bunnies etc... are being forced out of their habitat by development. They come to eat my weeds, and I am assuming they ate all of my blooming gladiola! Our street is still semi- hidden by woods on all sides. The county I live in is over 1/3 rd protected parkland, so occasionally I see a pheasant or a beaver when walking around a lake. We live less than 20 miles from NYC, but I think the entire tri state area has an overpopulation of deer. I have mixed feelings when I almost walk right into a deer who is grazing by my mailbox. Glad to see them, but sad they are so hungry that they have to wander into the towns.

Lise said...

I'm at the Jersey Shore, which is the middle of way too much, and we have fearless deer raiding the lily beds and startling the dog in the morning. they petrify me in the autumn, the bucks especially are so reckless then. pretty little fella, though. best of luck, travel mercies, and all that.

Greta said...

Have a GREAT trip!

We have deer here, too, but never on my property because of the dogs. I am next to thousands of acres of open natural land but the deer wander the neighborhood because they prefer to eat what grow in yards instead. I see them almost every day here.