Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bonus post!

I meant to say something about this when I posted this morning. Dateline is scheduled to air a program on obesity. Here's the blurb from their website:
Friday, Aug. 18, 8 p.m.: Food fight
With obesity on the rise, Stone Phillips asks who is to blame for your waistline - you or those who make and market your food? Pitting personal responsibility against corporate responsibility, Phillips explores the subject from the courtroom, the supermarket, the drive-thru, and even the lab: looking at the latest developments in brain imaging science suggesting some of us may actually be addicted to fattening food. Also included in the hour-long report, "Food Fight," are rare television interviews with one of McDonald's top leaders, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of McDonald's USA, Don Thompson, and Kraft's Senior Vice President in charge of Health and Wellness, Lance Friedmann.
Call me crazy, but does it sound to you as if the major advertisers food companies might be planning to defend themselves?


jen said...

As if it's EITHER personal responsibility OR corporate responsibility.

It sure would be easier to teach people to be personally responsible if the corporations would stop marketing so aggressively to kids, for example.

Stretchy said...

I worked in advertising for XXX years and was forced to turn out some downright sneaky art & copy. I once worked on ads for a dangerous diet product and almost quit my job over it--thankfully my boss let me move to another less horrible product. I am guilty of enticing children into a nasty fast food restaurant with little toy plush puppy dogs. Sorry kids.
Why did I want my first Twinkie? I clearly remember why! Buffalo Bob broke one in half on The Howdy Doody Show and called it 'delicious golden cake' then he said it was nutritious and full of vitamins.(I adored that Liar.) I HAD to get my grubby little hands on one ASAP! Or I would Suffer horribly! That's how kids think.

Greta said...

They probably are required by their legal team to include the food company point of view so they don't get sued. That being said I sure do blame the food industry for America's obesity epidemic. One that's almost never talked about is the dairy and meat industry's policy since the 1950's of feeding growth hormones to the animals. It's been know since the 50's that the growth hormones pass into human beings directly from the animals. Bovine growth homrmone fed to cattle mimics human growth hormone. Many of us were forced to drink 3 full glasses of growth hormone laced milk every day during our childhood. Growth hormones make cattle grow bigger and fatter. Is it a surprise that our generation is bigger and fatter than the non-hormone generation?