Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm lovin' it

The weather here in the Middle of Nowhere, that is.

It's been sunny lately, with temperatures in the low 80s and low humidity. Perfect for outdoor exercising. If it could stay like this all year round, I would be one happy Shrinking Knitter. We could use a little rain, which isn't in the forecast, but this great hint-of-fall weather is the best for my walking/jogging routine.

To respond to a couple of comments, elizabethd asked if I use yoga DVDs or follow a routine of my own. I use Susanne Deason's DVD called "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss." I have several yoga DVDs, but this is the one I like best. I can follow one of four modifications, it lasts a reasonable amount of time and I feel like I've really stretched my muscles when I'm finished.

Greta talked about genetic fat distribution, and I won't dispute her. I will say, though, that the pants I've been trying on which are too big in the hips, but too small in the waist, are pants I was able to wear three years ago when I weighed 10 pounds more than I do now. I am apparently carrying my weight differently now than I did then. I still have quite a few pounds to lose to get to my goal, though, so eventually I think it will disappear. Certainly 10 years ago, after I'd lost more than 50 pounds, I didn't have any trouble wearing a size 8. Which would probably be a 6 now.

Which sounds impossible.

I was at Sam's Club yesterday and picked up a denim skirt. There are no fitting rooms at Sam's, so I held it up to me and picked the size [14] that looked like it would fit, keeping in mind that my waist is the problem area. It's too big! Back it goes ... I'm at a point where if I can wear a smaller size, I'll plunk down the money for it, rather than try to shrink or alter something that doesn't fit.

Six months ago, a size 12 sounded impossible.

I'm lovin' it!


Greta said...

Congratulations on needing a size 12 skirt!

That is interesting that your waist seems to be larger in proportion to the rest of your body than it was 10 years ago. I am sure your observations are correct. I wonder if there could be an age related shift in fat distribution? I do recall that when my Mother got older her previously flat stomach got round but that was in her 70's when her spine was deteriorating due to osteoporosis and starting to hump, not her 50's when her back was erect.

I think my measurements might be different now than when I was younger, too. I think my boobs are smaller, waist is the same small size and my hips and thighs seem relatively larger. I just don't take a bit of credit for causing my waist to be slim. it is that way naturally.

I never thought of trying to do yoga with a DVD. I always think in terms of classes. I wonder if I could manage yoga with 3 adult dogs and 2 puppies running around?

Donna said...

Just a quick thank you for the link to dj steveboy's podcasts - they're the perfect background motivator for a hugely boring freelance writing project I'm working on - weird, I know. If you like Suzanne's yoga, I recommend her Pilates for Weight Loss - a good workout and it's set in Hawaii.

Greta said...

This is not related to what you have written, but a must-read. The most amazing article on obesity I have ever read: