Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yeah, what she said

I don't particularly feel like I've been whining lately, but maybe I have been. I've been trying to keep it real, but sometimes it comes across like petulance. These lines in PQ's most recent post smacked me in the face.
Which pretty much sums up my attitude about life these days. Rule the court. Get your game on. There's no use in focusing on what you can't do, just think about all the stuff you can do. Just believing you can do something makes it all the more likely that you can.
She signed off by saying, "I'm not big on whining these days."

Just felt the urgent need to share this on a day when I do feel like I'm getting my game on. May the feeling continue, for all of us.


Jack Sprat said...


FWIW, I support you in your desire to reach and maintain a healthy weight, while at the same time I think that you are already doing a terrific job of taking care of the person you are today, this very moment. That's no small accomplishment.

As for the quote from PQ, what I hear her saying is sometimes the question isn't "why me" but rather "what next?"

PastaQueen said...

Well, I don't think you're a whiner. When I think about how you trained for the half marathon out in the middle of nowhere I feel rather inspired.

mehitabel said...

You're not a whiner. I should know--I have been turning into one! It's the hardest thing, trying to stop the self-pity when things aren't going right. Thanks for the smack upside the head today!

Laura N said...

Debbi, I just had a chance to read your past few days' posts, and you don't sound like a whiner. You sound like you're searching, which is always a step in the right direction. And, you're not just searching, you're doing.

Hope the race training is going well. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary with Mr. SK!

Mary Gee said...

I don't think you are whining. If you want to see some whining, come over and visit my blog! (I have a friend who used to be a Chaplain at a State Hospital and talks about the "therapeutic value of kvetching.") I definitely believe in it and practice it!

Lori said...

I never thought you were whining. I think you were looking to see if you were missing something or something you could adjust to help you with your weight loss.

But I really do agree with Jack Sprat -- you are already doing a terrific job of taking care of yourself and you've done so many fantastic things. (Like that running!)