Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The no-whine zone

Okay, okay … the consensus seems to be that I'm not whining. Or, more accurately, that my writing isn't coming across in whine-mode. In my head, however, there's a constant and annoying Whine Festival going on. And it has nothing to do with a crisp Sauvignon.
  • When I'm eating right, I whine because I can't have treats.
  • When I eat treats, I whine because I'm screwing up.
  • I whine when I don't drink enough water.
  • I whine when I spend all day in the bathroom because I drank too much water.
  • Running and whining go together like shoes and socks … heh, wasn't that clever? Too hot, too cold, too slow, blah-blah-blah.
Since I long ago decided that the blog would not be a Place for Whining, I'm glad your perception is that that's the way it is.

Now if I could just delete the whiny sound track in my brain.

The broken things around here are gradually getting fixed.
The car is running like a champ. We're taking the watch back to the jeweler on Friday. The commode only needs guts replaced [wouldn't it be great if that's all I needed to lose weight? whinewhinewhine], not a whole new unit. [For the record, I wouldn't begin to know how to install a toilet, but I have replaced the guts several times. One does what one needs to do in the Middle of Nowhere, where plumbers are scarce and handymen are scarcer.]

I'm heading out for a four-mile run. Yesterday was the first running day of the new 13-week training schedule, but since the extension ladder was set up in the bed of our truck and our painter was high atop the ladder, painting the soffit of the two-story garage, I wasn't about to leave the premises. I was supposed to do two miles, but I will do four this morning, because that's what I'm used to doing, and why cut it in half?

It's already wickedly hot with matching humidity and not getting any cooler as tempis fugits.

Gotta run.


PastaQueen said...

The humidity has been dreadful lately! It's like running through soup. I ran two miles this morning though and it was still fairly cool. Feels good to get out there! Hopefully I can get up to 4 miles before too long.

Pirate Lover said...

I am glad to know I"m not the only one out there that isn't a size four anymore!! I am keeping your blog on my watch list....

Jack Sprat said...


Okay, I am all about changing the soundtrack in my head. Since there's no way to STOP thinking about something (just try), the best method is to plant a new thought and water it till it grows.
It should be positive, but more importantly it should be true.

Something like "I'm just a happy runner and grumbling is a part of the fun!" or "I love water, even if it doesn't like to hang around" or whatever.

Today a guy who hit his goal weight said to me "Ugh, now comes the HARD part." I suggested to him that maybe for the week ahead he might say to himself "Now comes the part that LASTS LONGER."

Trust me, I'm not smarmy (hello, Mr. Clinical Depression here) and this isn't just happy talk. Its simply finding new ways of saying things that make you feel better.

I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way!


tacat said...

Debbi, If you have replaced the guts of a toilet, replacing the rest isn't all that hard, it just involves some heavy lifting.
We (my sisters and I) learned that the hard way when a puppy learned how to drink out of a toilet, after dropping his rawhide bone in the bowl first. Just a hint, rawhide expands when it gets wet, and it sure can't make the bend in the base of the toilet. Anyway, after taking apart a toilet to hammer out the expanded rawhide 2 times, we learned to always put the lid down. Always!
Another thing we learned, toilets have parts that require regular maintenance and replacement, and it is much cheaper to DIY than to pay a plumber $80/hr to do it. Like under $2 for a wax ring, and a couple of hours on a weekend.
I would actually be very suprised to hear that the porcelain needed replacing.
Good luck, and many happy flushes.