Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I probably won't be trying that again

Yesterday morning's yoga session went well. I'm certainly not as flexible as I'd like to be, but I attempted all the poses and felt good afterward. What I should have done, though, was spend a little more time in corpse pose than I did. [I always cut it short; I feel like I'm wasting time just lying there doing nothing.]

Instead I jumped up, tied on my running shoes and headed out to do the four-mile loop.

Well. Let's just say that while yoga is always relaxing and mindful, it also can be, um, energizing. I was feeling quite peppy as I started out walking the first half mile.

When I picked up the pace, I told myself I would run three miles straight without stopping. I'd done this just last Saturday, the first three miles of my long run, so I knew it was possible. But I found it impossible to find a steady, slow-enough pace to go the distance without wearing myself out. I found myself essentially doing speed drills – run flat out for half a mile and then slow down or walk for a couple minutes; repeat until three miles are done.

Not a bad run, just not what I'd planned to do. I guess it's good to have a flexible mind as well as a flexible body!

M@rla, thanks for the heads-up about ChiRunning. I'll have to look for the book next time I'm at a big bookstore. I signed up for their e-mail newsletter and am intrigued by the method. And Jennifer, I did read Jenny's column about increasing stride rate, but have never actually taken the time to count my strides. That would be a good thing to do; thanks for the nudge!

Yesterday morning was good; yesterday afternoon was not so much. I'm still having trouble with sugar. After a pretty awful afternoon of too much sweet stuff, I was really happy to leave the house for a volunteer gig at the prison. When I got home, I checked e-mail and blogs before I went to bed and found this. And I woke up this morning with the little 'sugar-is-crack' mantra going through my brain. Thank you, D.

This is definitely a good thing.

I don't keep sweets in my house. Mr. Shrinking Knitter likes them, but also watches his weight and it's better for both of us if they're just not around. [I must say, though, that if I'm intrigued by those of you practicing intuitive eating. Wouldn't it be great to have a full candy dish on the end table all the time, and know that you didn't have to eat all of it at one sitting? I'm soooooooo not there.]

So how did I have such a bad afternoon? Well, I got my hair cut. Which meant I was out. And there are stores on the way home. And I had money.

Seriously, when I'm in the mood to go crazy with food, having someplace to go is the worst possible scenario. If I'd stayed home I probably would have taken a nap and slept right through the cravings.

People who give up alcohol or drugs, as I have, frequently substitute something else for their substance of choice. Learning to deal with life on life's terms is a process, and I clearly have a long way to go.


Laura N said...

Your run is why I'm still afraid to run outside! Well, that and the freaking heat wave. I have no idea yet how to run a steady pace without a number flashing on the treadmill. I know I'll get there some day when I actually run outside. And, I'm hoping to get a Garmin for Christmas (if I'm a good girl and on Santa's list), and that should help. But hey, woman, at least you are OUT THERE!

Sugar is indeed crack. And the sugar/flour/fat combo is heroin. Very addictive, scary stuff.

Shopping as a substitute for food, I can totally relate. What I do sometimes is shop online, fill my shopping cart with stuff I want, then close the website without buying anything. It's kind of satisfying in a way. I've shopped, but haven't spent anything. And it's like sugar cravings--if I can get through it, a few hours later I'm glad I didn't spend the money. But I had fun "shopping."

Lori said...

Yep, when you have money, opportunity, means and motive...compulsive behavior can be put into play. I'm sorry you had a bad afternoon but you'll get through it.

I'm glad the yoga is working out for you! It sounds very good for you.

Jack Sprat said...


I'm thinking that your run was actually a very clever way to "mix things up" which is what trainers are always telling us to do!

As far as the "bad afternoon," I think the only thing bad about those situations is how I feel about myself afterwards. As if I've been a naughty child. Which, of course, makes me want to go back and repeat the episode.

I'm not saying that refined sugar isn't a potent chemical with strong physical effects, but I do think that my post-bad-afternoon shame is probably worse.

Hang in there! I'm in your corner!


ws said...

spontaneous speed drills can be good, just a little harder to recover from than a long, easy paced run...but maybe the yoga counters those effects.

I can so relate to the last paragraph, nice to know I'm not alone, though I hope there is an end point somewhere, someday.

Grumpy Chair said...

Last October when I stopped salt and alcohol and I was losing weight . . . well I shopped. A lot. Which isn't healthy for the pocket book. Too bad I don't substitute all bad habits with something non-destructive.

As I read about your run, it sounded a lot like you did some interval training.