Monday, August 06, 2007

Everything is broken

Continuing my sometimes-theme of using Bob Dylan song titles for subjects of blog posts, today I have to face several broken things in or around my house.

Not to mention the ongoing broken metabolism.

My car's brakes are making a horrible grinding noise. Brake linings, probably, so it will have to go into the shop as soon as possible.

The guest bathroom's commode won't flush. I hate fixing toilets, but at least I know what to buy and how to install it.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter's watch needed a new battery, which meant taking it to a jeweler, which I did on Saturday, only to return home and find they had not reset the time because the time-setting button is broken! It's evident that they tried to reset it but discovered they couldn't – the least they could have done is mention it to me before I drove all the way home.


Customer service in this part of the Middle of Nowhere is another thing that is, frequently, broken.

On the other hand, in just a few minutes I'm going to go pick up one of our Amish neighbors who has agreed to paint our garage. So at least the faded garage will, by the end of the week, look like new again.

And all those other things are repairable, with a bit of time and money.

Sure wish I could figure out a way to reinstall my metabolism. Heh.


Lori said...

You wrote, "but at least I know what to buy and how to install it." Now, that's confidence. I know vaguely how the toilet fits on (like you need the rubber seal...) but I would no more go and buy one thinking I'm installing it. So you go!

Maybe instead of looking at your metabolism like a broken watch, it's more accurate to look at it as a broken leg (knock wood) or say, a ruptured PCL (LOL). It's healing and it will take time to recuperate. It may not be the way you want it but it's there and it will get better. You just can't treat it/your body/metabolism badly during this time (i.e., no binges, etc.) and just stay the course.

I hope you get all of these things fixed and think how lovely your garage is going to look. You may have to get the house painted too. :-)

Mary Gee said...

Good for you that you know what to buy and how to install it. I freak when plumbing hiccups!