Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's official

Yes, I know it's not Friday, but I've been dutifully recording my calories in/calories out for seven days, so a weigh-in was required! Yesterday's net consumption was something ridiculous like 851. [I did 45 minutes of yoga, but did not do an additional strength-training session with dumbbells and barbells and benches, oh my!] As of this morning I really have gained two pounds.

Man, that's depressing to write.

I know that many of you out there are thinking I'm not eating enough. Thank you for your thoughts. I really do eat plenty. I don't know how I could possibly eat more. I eat reasonable amounts of healthy food for meals. If I'm hungry between meals I eat something else. The total number is certainly in the weight-loss range of 1200 to 1400 per day.

So I made an appointment to see the doctor in a couple weeks and will get some bloodwork done to check my thyroid again. I'm not hoping for thyroid problems, but I have many of the symptoms, and have had them off and on for years. [Those would include feeling cold, dry skin, low energy and low body temperature.] My thyroid numbers have always been low-normal. Maybe they've slipped into below-normal range as I've aged.

It's the only thing left in my arsenal, unless you have a better idea.

How can I claim to have low energy when I run 20 miles a week? That's all I do, essentially. Unless you count playing computer solitaire until my wrist goes numb. Or knitting! When I'm getting a lot of knitting done, which I have been lately, I'm not doing much of anything else.

My house is a disaster, I neglect my to-do list, I pull clean laundry from a basket instead of a dresser drawer. This is recent behavior.

I used to waltz around with the dustmop every day; now it's more like once a week. Which is waaaaaaay not enough when you live with two dogs. I never used to pile dirty dishes in the sink, but where are you going to put them when the dishwasher is full of clean dishes waiting to be put away? For three days.

Maybe I should get paper plates.

The yard needs mowed but I keep thinking maybe it'll rain, so I'm waiting for the sky to fall before I do it. Actually we've had so little rain the only thing that's growing are the weeds; the grass is still short and quite brown. But if I had the energy I would at least get the weedeater out for a trim around the edges.

So that's where I am this morning. Blue. Depressed. Not at ALL looking forward to a tempo run this morning.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Edited to add: I checked my e-mail after I hit the "publish" button and found a link to this article, courtesy of my wonderfully supportive daughter. Makes me want to go run. Faster. Heh. And then maybe I'll come home and fold the laundry.


ws said...

umm, I'm sorry, did you visit my place overnight. Everything that you wrote, except the lawn mowing segment is my life. Sure, I work at a desk all day, but I work at home so that should be incentive to clean. It isn't. I hope you had a great tempo run, when things seem at the worst a good hard run seems a ticket out of the duldrums. And, thanks for the article, it was a good kick in the pants - I checked the 5K I ran last month and the winner of female 55-59 division finished 11 seconds faster than me...I should get serious about racing and racing hard...

Lori said...

I'm sorry about the weight gain. I'm glad you're going to the doctor -- believe it or not, I had hyPERthyroidism at one time with very mild symptoms and no, I didn't lose any weight.

Are you sure you weren't channeling a horrific vision of MY apartment (minus the lawn mowing too)? :-) I'm not depressed but I'm not terribly motivated either.

Mary Gee said...

Oh dear. I guess I am not the only one to relate to this. Sometimes it feels to me like running is the ONLY thing I am doing too. I am too tired to do anything else it seems. I have had all my blood work done and it is not that... Hope you find an answer.

Laura N said...

Oh, man, that is just not fair! Okay, the thyroid thing is a really smart way to go. Thyroid levels can be "normal" but still considered low for some women, I thought.... And maybe if you're not happy with the interpretation of your new results, go see a specialist (endocrinologist, right?).

The hardest part is just staying motivated. But you've got to! Keep doing the right things--they will catch up with you. Truly they will.

And, boy, am I with you on the house stuff. I heard on NPR that working women today do 10 hours per week less of housework than their mothers did. And I thought--what? It's more like 40 hours less per week. I hardly do any housework. If my husband didn't do laundry most weeks, we'd have no clothes to wear. I pay a girl $45 every two weeks to do the maintenance cleaning, which means my floors get swept and vacuumed 2x a month. And we have a cat and a dog. It's no wonder my son is constantly saying "Yuckies!" when he picks up his food from the floor and puts it in his mouth. Hey, if he can't learn by now not to pick stuff up and eat it off the floor, it's not my problem. ;-)