Monday, August 13, 2007

She's still here

That little dog, that is.

Our county's animal welfare organization doesn't have a physical facility. It's completely volunteer-run; foster families care for adoptable animals and a core group of volunteers respond to telephone inquiries. Unfortunately there aren't any foster homes available right now, so we're still searching for a home for her.

I've put up half a dozen signs in our neighborhood, but no one has claimed her. She's such a little sweetie and I'm afraid Mr. Shrinking Knitter is becoming too attached.

While I was running yesterday morning, he took her walking with him on our road. He usually walks two miles and she kept up with him the whole way, never leaving his side. No leash, either!

We put our dog's crate [she doesn't use it any more] on the front porch; the stray dog pops in and out for naps and nighttime sleeping with no prompting from us humans.

She plays fetch with a ball until Mr. Shrinking Knitter gets tired – she doesn't want to quit!

This dog has been well-cared-for; I can't imagine that someone just dumped her by the side of the road. Anyone who does that is contemptible.

At any rate, she's still here, wiggling her way into our hearts. Jen, if you really want her, I'll deliver!

I'm not supposed to run today, but I feel like I should, just because it's relatively cool and comfortable outdoors this morning. Four easy miles could just be another form of cross-training … couldn't it? Can you tell I'd rather run than do any other form of exercise?

I'm sure some of you have noticed I haven't talked about weight-training in a week or so. The weight bench had been littered with painting tools and equipment when our garage was getting a facelift. It's been cleared of such nonsense for several days now, so no excuse not to get back at it other than this: I don't wanna!

I can be quite petulant when I want to be. Heh.

Also, knitting for babies really goes quickly! The left front of the cardigan is done and attached to the back; the right front has been started. I'm using size one and three needles – in other words, teeny – and making great progress. To put this in perspective, the circumference of Claire's sweater is a total of 140 stitches. An adult-sized sweater on size 3 needles would be about 300 stitches around.

Until I figure out what size I'm going to be, my sweaters will be knit with fatter yarn and bigger needles.


jen said...

I think she's adorable but I have two cats who don't like dogs. Besides, I think that you are either going to find her owner or end up keeping her yourselves. :)

Lori said...

She sound quite agreeable and pleasant -- does she get along with the other dogs?

Are you near a highway? I was thinking that maybe she got out of someone's car and made her way to your house. I can't imagine anyone dumping her but there are certainly enough contemptible people in this world.

If your weather is as nice as ours on this side of the mountain, I think you should go out and run. It's really nice and low humidity.

ws said...

Do you ever bike ride? I never consider running on XT days, because I take my bike out and experience the same places that I normally run just at a faster pace and without the pounding. sort of fulfills my need for speed after my long slow runs.